Pikaland’s Exposure Grant on Society6

Society6 is a platform for the world’s artists and creatives to promote their work and connect with unique opportunities. They make the grant-making process easy and accessible to all individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations who want to support the future of the arts.

A few weeks back they invited Pikaland to give a grant, and now there’s a Pikaland Exposure Grant that will be held monthly. We’re giving out an opportunity grant — the chosen artist/studio will be interviewed on Pikaland, and given a month of free advertising worth USD$45 here on the blog.

Are you Society6 yet? If you aren’t, vamoose over and sign up today!


4 thoughts on “Pikaland’s Exposure Grant on Society6

  1. your grant is ace, so simple but certainly does the job. i’m not on society6, but perhaps should add it to my huge to-do list, argh!

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