Loving the items in Aitch’s shop who is on the front page of Dawanda at the moment. Not much information about her though, except that she’s in Berlin, Germany and there’s lots of things in the shop that I would want for myself, like her bags, prints, buttons, t-shirts and oh, just about EVERYTHING. But have you seen those adorable brooches of hers? I wish I could snap them all up and hang them on the wall instead of pinning them onto something — they look like exotic masks from a modern, foreign land.

Nous Vous

Nous Vous (which means we / you) is a creative studio based in the UK, that focus on graphic design and illustration. The team is made up of Jay, Nic, Tom and Will and you can see photos of their recent exhibition called ‘Heavy Bones’ at Analogue Books’ flickr stream.

What caught my eye was this Friendly Cove A2 giclee print poster (which is pretty big by my standards) that will launch on the 22nd of June. They have a lot of other goodies like zines, postcards and prints in their shop too, and my guess is that if you like Nigel Peake, then you’d probably love these guys.