PikaPackage Edition #1 participants

Here it is guys! The first edition of the PikaPackage Project consists of the following participants, all of them who have been a dear!


Amanda Kindregan

Amber Alexander



Blanca Helga

Bubbo Tubbo

Caitlin Shearer of Pepperminte



Cori Dantini





Gemma Correll

Heartful Art

Iris Schwarz

It’s Whimsical Life

Junkyard Sam

Just Mad Books

Katrine K

Kristiana Parn


Mau Studio

Restless Things

Stuart Kolakovic


Unicorn Kids Studios

Pikapackage update #4

Unicorn Kids Studio's prints

I was waiting for a couple other packages to arrive to put together a new photoshoot, but I think it’s better to let you know what came in the mail earlier this week:
Jessie of Unicorn Kids Studios sent in her lovely City Life prints!

See the whole collection of goodies here!

On another note, my emails can finally be sent out again, so yay! :)

Rosa Pomar’s trims

Trims of joy

I’ve been lusting after Rosa Pomar’s trims since they came out last year. Sadly, most of them were sold out then, but when I heard they were back again for sale, I literally hopped for joy.

When they arrived, I could only stare and clutch them so tightly — I’m not sure if I’ll even use them! You can find them in her shop — I’m in love with Little Red Riding Hood (and the big bad wolf).