Christmas Ornaments

As Christmas nears I’ve become obsessed with vintage and handmade Christmas ornaments. A quick search on Etsy pulled up some terrific finds. Including a Blown Glass Ornament Ball by Texas based artist wolfartglass that looks like a soap bubble, so delicate and fragile!

A Vintage German Cuckoo Clock Ornament by smilemercantile for your favorite Teuton. And these Vintage Radko Shiney-Brite Ornaments listed by geeminycricketts to make your tree, well… shiny and bright! I think a handmade or vintage ornament makes the best gift, something that will be treasured and admired year after year! So put on Jingle Bell Rock, whip out the egg nog and get decorating or at least sending some really unique ornaments!

(Plus I came across these Scottish Highlands Finger Puppets by NYC based artist babyanimals which I love and thought would make fantastic stocking stuffers!)

Books that aren’t books but are still books


When making your book selections this holiday season put handmade books at the top of your book selection list! Book away from your book store and book it to these books! More works of art than reading material, you might have to give those you’re sharing them with white linen gloves, don’t want any gravy or oreos on these! A few of my recent favorites include All my neighbors are trees by UK artist Sarah of littlepaperbird , a forest on Vellum! Waves Small Art Book and Envelope by California based artist teambluebicycle textural tour de force! Or have New York based artist Jane Mount paint your own customized bookshelf!

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