Work/Art/Play 2015: Registration opens next week!



You know how I’ve been teaching this one workshop every year? It’s called Work/Art/Play, and it opens up next week for registration. Mark your calendars – it’s going to happen on 20th July, and classes will begin on 10th August 2015.

If you’re working full time in a different field but want to explore how to make your mark in the world through art and illustration, this is the class for you. Or perhaps you’re a recent graduate or someone already knee-deep in the industry – you’ll benefit too. We’re going to go through 6 weeks of life and perspective-changing lessons that’s going to give you a solid blueprint on how to take your work above and beyond. It’s all happening online (students all over the world are welcome), and I’m going to personally take you through the paces to uncover your strength; and show you how marketing isn’t scary at all. Not one bit.

Watch this space for more details, but to make it easier for you, Click here to be notified when registration begins!

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