On speed dating: Les Mots de la Carpe [animation]

I watched Les Mots de la Carpe today on Vimeo, and though I couldn’t understand a word of French, this animation proves that a picture is worth a thousand words. Watch how deceptively simple the lines are (the environment is mostly made out with black pencil, with bold colored characters for emphasis), and how the form of the characters are derived from their personality. From Absolute Mag:

At a speed-dating event, animator Lucrece Andreae takes some creative liberties to depict the shape of various oddities of romance-seeking, like (literally) inflated personalities and people who actually compare their date to an ideal sketch, adjusting them accordingly.

Here’s wishing a happy 4th of July for those in the US; and for everyone else, have a great start to the weekend (which is a cause to celebrate anyway!)

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3 thoughts on “On speed dating: Les Mots de la Carpe [animation]

  1. The French really have a talent for interpersonal-based, humorous, and bizarre themes! I am putting this in the same excellence category as the Triplets of Belleville. I’m really intrigued about how they made this sketchy drawing style into an animation.

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