Catch of the Day

I have to admit that I’m not adventurous with music. I like my playlists as they are, and any new music is one that I find through the radio, or through a recommendation through Spotify. The only way I’ll be able to accept new music if it’s been played at least 5 times – subliminal as it may sound.


I forgot about the days of MTV. And I realized how important images are when they go hand in hand with music – especially if the visuals are eye-catching illustrations that not only follow the beats of a sound, but enhances it too. I’m reminded of this through Catch of the Day music video; a song by Sally Seltmann and illustrated by Isobel Knowles who used stop-motion animation to produce the playful motions of the characters. And the catch? There was no brief.

From Dezeen:

[quote] “The animations are shot frame by frame using a camera and a light box,” Knowles told Dezeen. “I shot most of the elements separately and then composited them, changed colours and added effects digitally, layering up each scene from small parts.” [/quote]

It’s a beautiful work that warrants a watch – or 5. Happy Monday folks!

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  1. Ella Goodwin says:

    I love this! One of the modules I used to teach on was animating to sound and it was always a great one for getting students used to timing and how the two can enhance each other tenfold. Beautiful graphics on this one!

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