You know those selfies that you’ve been taking? Well here’s an idea of what you can actually do with them (apart from annoying your friends) – upload it to Sktchy. It’s an app founded by Jordan Melnick that pairs user-submitted portraits with artists who might just take your mug shot and turn it into a piece of art.

It’s a really great idea, especially if you’re looking for an inspiration (besides your own reflection) as you’d draw other people’s portraits and in turn, people draw yours. I love the idea behind the app – it challenges your creativity and it’s also a fun community of artists who support one another. People can leave comments and feedback on your portraits and even a virtual high-five for a job well done!

You can download the app over at iTunes, and it’s available for iPhone. I’ve tried the iPad version and it’s beautiful as well (it’s a little smaller than the screen size, but it’s Retina ready, so images are crisp and clear.)

[Images by, from top: Kasey Kuchinski, Cheryl B., Kristofer Whatever, and Eli Banco; each portrait was inspired by a photo in the Sktchy photo gallery.]

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  1. Thanks for featuring Sktchy, Amy! It’s an honor to get the Pikaland stamp of approval. Projects like your 1000 Things To Draw that get people to discover their untapped creativity are Sktchy’s kindred spirits. All the best!

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