Pikaland’s 2013 wall calendar + 3-day special!

You’ve read right folks – this is the reason why there’s been a bit of excitement over at Pikaland HQ. And I’m not talking about a PDF download or just a desktop wallpaper. I’m talking about something real that you can stare at on your own wall. After several years of just highlighting awesome calendars from around the interwebs, we’re making our very first wall calendar! And I’ve roped in 12 fabulous illustrators to each create an illustration for the calendar with the theme “On my Desk“. But wait, it’s Pikaland after all, so you won’t just get a calendar – you’ll also get a zine to go along with it, with interviews with the artists about their work, process, and of course, what’s really behind their desk.

Pikaland wall calendar 2013: inside pages!

The regular price for the calendar + zine will be USD$25. BUT. Here’s the good news: while the calendar + zine is being printed, I want to reward you guys with super pre-order specials:

  • For the next few days, I’m going to be offering the calendar + zine set at a super special starting pre-order rate of USD$18 ;
  • Beginning Thursday (8th November) it will be USD$20 for another week before it will stop at the regular price of USD$25. (click here to buy!)

This calendar + zine set is only available in a limited edition of 500 copies and would make a great Christmas gift!

More details:

The calendar: 12 months, A5-sized, wire-bound, wall-hung (there’s a hole for you to hang it up), portrait sized, full-color.

The zine: 12 illustrators, A5 size, staple-bound, black & white

This item will ship out by the middle of November! Click here to see the works of all the illustrators and to buy the calendar + zine set!


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