Galaxy Jumper

Quentin Vijoux is an illustrator I adore because of his amazing-modern French style and the way he uses the colors; and also because of the way he mixes medias. He makes illustrations like this one:
A couple of weeks ago I discovered that he also draws for games, which is something I love but its so rare to find. I was so happy! And the game is so much fun, you should definitely give it a try, I started and didn’t stop until I finished. It’s called Galaxy Jumper, here are some screenshots so you can feel what you’ll find:
The principle is very simple, you just have to jump from one planet to the next trying to get the dots and the keys to open the next levels, being careful to not to get caught by the obstacles. All with a very nice, clean design and colors, good taste soundfx and music. Bravo!

So, what are you waiting for? Go have some fun! : D

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Deborah is known in Brazil as Tartaruga Feliz (Happy Turtle). She’s a self-taught illustrator and animator who is born in Brazil. She travels the world while working, and attributes it to the best experience she has had in her life so far. You can see more of her work on her website, and she just launched a new website, Garatujas Fantásticas with 3 of her friends that has exclusive content for kids in Brazil! [/box]

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3 thoughts on “Galaxy Jumper

  1. Oh cool!!! I love well designed games that take a risk on the visuals – that’s why I love Sword & Sworcery.. and it looks like I should check out this game as well! Thanks for the tip 😀

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