What artists & illustrators can learn from Michael Kors

I follow each and every Project Runway episode, every season.

And the thing is, when I first watched the show, I wasn’t interested at all with Michael Kors or his label. His work was just alright to me, even veering on the slightly boring.

But the more I see him on air and hear his reactions to the designers on Project Runway, the more I like him. He has made me spill out soda through my nose with his witty comments, and he made me laugh out loud, smacking my hands on my thighs with a raucous “whoop!” when I got what he was saying (especially when I agreed with him!)

So I see his work with new eyes. I appreciate him more, because he has a point of view and he wasn’t afraid to share it. I could see his passion, and I could see how his experiences in the fashion industry informed his critique sessions. And I now look at his fashion label and remember him – the personality behind the pieces.

As artists and illustrators, we shouldn’t be afraid to be like Michael Kors. We shouldn’t be afraid to express our opinions in public in a professional manner. I don’t mean trash talking people or belittling people (Michael doesn’t do that) – we just need to be honest in a consistent, constructive way.

And we shouldn’t have to worry because unlike Michael, we don’t have a camera staring at our faces (and he still let it rip anyway – that’s telling you something!)

Start with a blog.

And let it all out.

{Michael Kors delivered by Fifi Lapin }

2012 Illustrated calendars part #1

It’s that time of the year again where we all have to pick a calendar to fill up that desk (or wall!) Last year’s illustrated calendar roundup was such a success that I thought we should do it again this year, so get ready to pick one and stare down some illustrated loveliness all year round!

The following has been hand picked by our very own contributor (and interview queen extraordinaire!) – Melanie, so sit back and enjoy! 🙂

Studio Morran/Camille Engman

Studio Morran/Camille Engman’s 2012 calendar

Caroline Paquita/Pegacorn Press

Caroline Paquita/Pegacorn Press’ 2012 calendar

A-K and Tiitu/“Kissing Behind the Barricades”

A-K and Tiitu/‘Kissing Behind the Barricades 2012 Calendar

Eva Jorgensen for Sycamore Street Press

Eva Jorgensen’s 2012 calendar for Sycamore Street Press

Corina Dross and Josie Mosser

Corina Dross and Josie Mosser’s 2012 calendar

Anke Weckmann

Anke Weckmann’s 2012 calendar

Nicole J Georges

Nicole J Georges’ 2012 calendar

Dame Darcy

Dame Darcy’s 2012 calendar

There’ll be more to come next week so you might just want to hold on to those purse strings (unless you want a calendar for every room!) 🙂


Have a lovely weekend ahead folks! I’m in Cambodia at the moment with my family on a short holiday (a rare treat!) so I’ll see you all next Monday!

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