2012 Illustrated calendars part #1

It’s that time of the year again where we all have to pick a calendar to fill up that desk (or wall!) Last year’s illustrated calendar roundup was such a success that I thought we should do it again this year, so get ready to pick one and stare down some illustrated loveliness all year round!

The following has been hand picked by our very own contributor (and interview queen extraordinaire!) – Melanie, so sit back and enjoy! 🙂

Studio Morran/Camille Engman

Studio Morran/Camille Engman’s 2012 calendar

Caroline Paquita/Pegacorn Press

Caroline Paquita/Pegacorn Press’ 2012 calendar

A-K and Tiitu/“Kissing Behind the Barricades”

A-K and Tiitu/‘Kissing Behind the Barricades 2012 Calendar

Eva Jorgensen for Sycamore Street Press

Eva Jorgensen’s 2012 calendar for Sycamore Street Press

Corina Dross and Josie Mosser

Corina Dross and Josie Mosser’s 2012 calendar

Anke Weckmann

Anke Weckmann’s 2012 calendar

Nicole J Georges

Nicole J Georges’ 2012 calendar

Dame Darcy

Dame Darcy’s 2012 calendar

There’ll be more to come next week so you might just want to hold on to those purse strings (unless you want a calendar for every room!) 🙂


Have a lovely weekend ahead folks! I’m in Cambodia at the moment with my family on a short holiday (a rare treat!) so I’ll see you all next Monday!


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