Minini by Min Lee

Minini by Min Lee

Minini by Min Lee

Minini by Min Lee

How adorable are these mini-people pins by Min Lee? She’s currently based in Korea, but just recently graduated from HDK School of Design & Craft in Gothenburg, Sweden with a Masters degree in Ceramics Art this year.

She has an Etsy shop where she sells them (all one of a kind!) and you can follow her on Flickr as well.

Sponsor giveaway: Judy Kaufmann

Judy Kaufmann giveaway!

Barcelona-based illustrator Judy Kaufmann is no stranger here at Pikaland. We wrote (previously) about her obsession with repeating things, and of course her subjects include animals, famous people, houses, cars, trees and well, basically everything that can be repeated – and she sells her lovely prints over in her Etsy shop.

She’s one of Pikaland’s sponsors for the month of November and I’m thrilled that she is offering a chance for our readers to win one of her big prints# – at a whopping generous size of 11.7in x 16.5in (or 297 × 420mm)!

All you need to do is leave your comment as to which print is your favorite from her collection and we’ll draw out a lucky winner after the 6th of December 2011!

*UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Marisa as chosen via!

Why artists & illustrators should get a job

The romantic notion of a starving artist isn’t something that I’m buying into, and I think it’s a myth that is dangerous to those out there who believe that living in poverty because of your art is a noble (or even necessary) thing to do.

I believe that those who can’t live off their art (for now) should take on something else that can provide a sense of financial security while they invest in their work. There is never harm in being a waitress, or a magazine writer (!), or even a part-time gardener to keep a roof over your head so that you may continue to create.

I’m still writing for magazines and newspapers four years on, and take on copywriting projects to keep food on the table while I run Pikaland. It’s not something I let on about often (and I rarely complain), but I think it’s something that should be talked about more. When I’m running from one interview to the next, and when I’m tearing out my hair from an impending writing deadline – that’s when I am able to synthesize ideas and my thoughts better, crazy as it may seem.

Being busy and mingling around new acquaintances has allowed my own creativity to flourish. And knowing that I have bread on the table means that I can say no to offers from shady parties who want to place junk advertising and targeted links on the blog (I’ve heard they pay well, HA!) I think of it as a means to an end – not the end of my goals.

So throw away that ego, keep your hands busy and get out there while you scale your creative heights. Find a job if you have to – so you won’t have to sacrifice your artistic integrity. You’ll be able to stay true to your voice and your goals.

Share with us: What jobs have you taken on to supplement your income?

Image by Joana Rosa Bragança via Pikaland’s Flickr group


Happy Monday folks, and I hope you had a lovely rest over the weekend! 🙂

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