Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

I love Sir Ken Robinson.

I find myself nodding my head to what he has to say about bringing arts into schools, and that education is an ever changing need for today’s world.

So when I found this video about changing the education paradigm, I find myself agreeing with him about the need for educational reform (I’ve been espousing the need for reform since I got out of university!). And I also believe that kids should be allowed to be creatively free, unbridled by other people’s notion of what means to be “smart”.

Watch the video above, and enjoy the illustrations of Cognitive Media who illustrates Ken’s points beautifully.


4 thoughts on “Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

  1. I love him too.. I saw this a little while ago and it freaked me out a little as I have a 2.5 year old and worry that all his creativity will be crushed by a very outdated education system! I really hope things change by the time my little one goes to school!! hmmm I will have to wish a lot!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Amy! I am dealing with this exact issue in my Master’s Thesis— what a wonderful resource in an unexpected place!

  3. I love this, too! (I can’t help but to post on every one of your entries lately; they are all so wonderful.)

    We found this work while at the office when looking into a new presentation methods. I was blown away. I have a son in second grade who seems so dependent on things that move, light up and make noise for his entertainment. It’s hard and makes me sad! Especially with him as an only child and no siblings to play with. I try to always incorporate some form of creativity into each day and encourage the use of his imagination. It’s mind boggling how our education systems have changed; my son will never know a chalkboard in the classroom as I did.

    Robinson is genius. Thank you for sharing here.

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