Monster Riot

Monster Riot

Monster Riot

Monster Riot

Monster Riot

Catherine and Jason’s Monster Riot website is making me smile! I love their cheery illustrations, and there’s a few plushies for you to grab as well. I had a chance to talk to them a little further about what they do, so enjoy!

Tell us a little more about yourselves — how did you guys get started?

We met at University in 2004 and started dating (we’re now married). Catherine was studying Illustration and I was studying Animation. When we graduated we kind of fell into regular day jobs that didn’t particularly use our creative skills. So out of boredom and frustration Monster Riot was born. We have concentrated on it more this year and are getting really positive feedback and support which makes us work harder and create better stuff!

How would you describe your style?

It’s quite graphical, but has a slight retro feel. Catherine’s creatures are based on rough sketches I produce and then they evolve when she starts cutting the fabric and seeing how they would work as a physical object. But ideally we are character design focussed, the more cute/absurd/quirky the better! We try and limit the colour use and see where we can get, ending up with a final piece that’s different to what was first thought of.

Does your style and work seek to communicate a particular message?

We try to make people laugh and generally feel happy when they come across our work. There’s a lot art out there that takes itself too seriously and we try to do the opposite. We aim to produce eccentric and quite British feeling pieces, trying to capture an era that’s starting to disappear.

Who would be your dream client / Who would you like to collaborate with?

There’s so many. We love the work of Gemma Correll. She has such a great sense of humour and has become a cult legend within the illustration industry, her work looks great on anything and she really deserves how popular she’s become. I’m (Jason) also influenced by artists like Pete Fowler, his work has been just about everywhere and he’s a great inspiration to up and coming british illustrators and designers. I’d also love to collaborate with Rex Crowle (Rexbox) and Nate Wragg as they’re both hugely talented and would just love to see how they work!

Dream client would be either would be getting approached by any large store who would want to sell a range of plush or screen printed prints (like John Lewis or Ikea). I also like what Orange (mobile) do with their campaigns. They use illustrators a lot with their ads and they always look amazing!

Our next step is developing more items for our etsy store and starting to look at selling items at craft fairs…. the future is bright and bold!

{Thanks guys!}


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