Liz Mamont

Liz Mamont

Liz Mamont

Liz Mamont

Liz Mamont

Liz Mamont is an illustrator based in Los Angeles, and I love, love, LOVE her quiet sense of humor! Her style seems to be rooted in the Victorian era, with illustrations that wouldn’t seem out of place in storybook classics like Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes; and she adds in subtle irony and humor within her pieces. Though there’s a lot of corsets and intricate lines in her drawings, she lets loose with unexpected details – turning what could be a serious piece into something that’s whimsical, on the side of modern.

Check out her patterns for a series called The Little Red Cap (also known as Little Red Riding Hood) and you’ll certainly appreciate what I mean when you see that last pattern in there. Oh, and she also has a little side project called Cat Comics.

I rest my case.

3 Replies to “Liz Mamont”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh my! I LOVE the Mantis family portrait!

  2. gaby says:

    hola hola soy del blogger gabyzuka espero estemos en contacto un saludote te sigo, espero te des una vuelta por el mio y pronto podamos hacer un posteo juntos 🙂 soy de df


  3. Karen Mamont says:

    You may think her shy and demure, but look at her art! What goes on in her minds eye that gives her enticing Victorian drawings a Gothic twist of the Macabre with an ironic sense of humor and intense insight! I adore her and every piece!
    P.S.Demure my foot, Im glad her cats are enabled to say “fuck” and know how to look up Penis porn!

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