Loving the beautiful typography and embroidery of Maricor/Maricar. They make kick-ass things from paper and thread, with a portfolio that encompasses a wide range of disciplines spread across mediums from paper to video (their latest work is a stop motion video for Big Green Idea!)

From their “About” page:
We have an unusual obsession with paper and patterns, like geeking out with gachapon toys and enjoy getting crafty with embroidery and fimo.

Apart from their website, they have a blog and an online shop which you can stalk from time to time — I know I definitely going to do that (and I bet our contributor @RachealAnilyse is going to do so too!)

2 Replies to “maricor/maricar”

  1. evie says:

    I love these! So beautiful.

  2. Amy- You know me so well! These were already pinned before I finished reading the entire post ;D AHHHMAZING!

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