Charley Harper mural

Charley Harper mural

Charley Harper mural

Charley Harper mural

Charley Harper mural

This is a mural that was made by Charley Harper at the Cincinnatti Federal Building, USA, and stretched along two walls are 100 animals put together with tiles. Finished in 1964, they each measure 18 × 10.5 ft.

Charley Harper’s work is well documented in the book Illustrated Life book by Todd Olham and to be able to see this would definitely be a treat. Those of you in Cincinnati had better head there right now (I’m green with envy!)

{Images from Heroine Chick and also from Visualingual, via StyleSwoon}

8 Replies to “Charley Harper mural”

  1. Jill Casey says:

    I’m jealous of people who live in Cincinnati too!

  2. Anne B. says:

    Amazing work. Love Charley Harper.

  3. Jessika Tarr says:

    This is wonderful! I could get lost in it for hours.

  4. visualingual says:

    I’ve seen it! [Some of the photos above are mine.] It’s amazing — if Charley were working today, I can definitely see him working digitally, as the mosaic tiles are just like pixels.

  5. evie says:

    oh wow im almost weeping with delight! this is magnificent. thanks for bring it to our attention x

  6. chinthye says:

    really like it!!!! great works

  7. Dana says:

    What animal is #50? I can’t read the legend.

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