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Day 66: Story behind the rainbow

Day 62: Shhhhhh, I'm Dreaming

Day 68: Didn't work out

Day 57: Long Nose doesn't mean is a Liar

This Monday, I’m inspired by the daily doodle project of local illustrator Lim Swee Heng. They’re really pretty to be doodles really — they count as complete illustration works on their own; and I like that they each seem to convey a story or a message.

You can head over to his shop where he’s listed a few of his designs on t-shirts. And if you think that his illustrations look really familiar, you might have seen a few of his shirts over at Threadless — quite a number of his designs made the cut for production!


Sorry that I left you all in the lurch last week when I didn’t turn up for my Friday post here on the blog! As you may heard from my Twitter feed, I’ve been a little busy cleaning the house and making preparations for Chinese New Year that’s happening on Thursday. Couple that with in-laws visiting the whole of last week, you can imagine the chaos in my house and yours truly trying to hold it all together!

I’ll be taking a short break sometime this week, but not to worry — I’m way better prepared this time: I’ve already lined up a few eye-candy posts to tide you all over when I’m away! 🙂


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