Name: Mellybee aka Melanie Chadwick
Location: United Kingdom

How about a brief introduction?
I graduated back in 2002 in Fine Art and since then have been making a living from some form of creative output. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in a variety of cultures both in Asia and Europe- and have met amazing folk from all walks of life! Although I love to paint landscapes and flowers I also enjoy drawing and it’s through my Mellybee brand that I let myself create quirky illustrations for print, textiles and web.

How did you get involved with zine making?
I had been thinking about it for a while but it wasn’t until I submitted a piece to a collaborative zine project with the theme ‘I heart…’ that I started making my first zine!

Tell us what’s your goal when it comes to zine making?
Making something that is a joy to pick up, easy on the eye and something that you can come back to for smiles, facts and perhaps some inspiration…

Any favorite artists that inspired you to make your zine?
Gemma Correll’s Treasures of Sky Mall- funny and sweet, and Kate Bingaman Burt’s obsessive compulsive monthly zines- labelled and categorised- both had a part in inspiring my I <3 TEA zine.

What’s the one tip you’d like to share with people who are interested in making their own zines?
Start off by making a zine around a topic that gets you excited and you know lots about- that way you’ll be able to fuel your project quickly without too much time spent researching (distracting yourself)!

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