Lori Hutchinson

Lori hutchinson

Name: Lori Hutchinson
Location: Toronto, Canada
Website: www.lorihutchinson.com

How about a brief introduction?
My name is Lori Hutchinson. I create paintings and illustrations in watercolours, and also embroidery art in my own designs.

How did you get involved with zine making?
I began making zines in preparation for my first year attending Canzine in Toronto as a vendor.
My first zine was a way for me to create something out of old sketches that I liked, but that had never become anything. I made a colouring book, filled with different characters from my sketchbooks.

Tell us what’s your goal when it comes to zine making?
My goal when I am making zines is usually to get an idea out of my head and turn it into something tactile. It’s also usually a way to document something I want to remember, and share it with others.

Any favorite artists that inspired you to make your zine?
Lots of favourite artists, but not any zine makers in particular. What inspired me to explore bookbinding and ultimately make my zines was a book called How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith (http://www.purgatorypiepress.com/). It covers a lot of different bindings, and also has a lot of inspiration for making art books.

What’s the one tip you’d like to share with people who are interested in making their own zines?
It’s surprisingly easy, and a really good way to create something that is uniquely yours. Also including full bleed images can be a big pain, when you want to use photocopies which don’t print right to the edge.

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