Scandinavian Stitches by Syko

Scandinavian Stitches

I’m so thrilled to be a part of a book tour of Kajsa Wikman’s new book – Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair. I’ve been a long time fan of Kajsa’s creation, created under the label Syko. She was one of our first PikaPackage participants (see previously) who sent in those beautiful postcards — can you believe it’s been two years since then? Kajsa’s line is growing beautifully, and although her focus is mostly on crafting, I am a big fan because she represents a modern craft movement that integrates both art and craft beautifully.

Scandinavian Stitches

Scandinavian Stitches

Scandinavian Stitches

Scandinavian Stitches

Her book is beautifully illustrated in her whimsical style – minimalistic in nature, colorful and imperfect in a perfect way; it’s a wonderful book to collect if you’re an avid quilting fan. The appliques were created based on her own illustrations (along with her daughter’s) and are colorful, fun and so pretty!

If you think that crafting is a boring hobby that requires you to follow exact patterns and instructions, you’ll certainly be inspired by Kajsa’s book – she shows how a little whimsy can be worked into that quilt, or that pillow by breaking a little of the rules. You’ll find that you’ll quickly be inspired to create your own artwork on fabric by following her instructions.

As a reader on Pikaland, you’ll be happy to know that Stash Books, the publisher of Scandinavian Stitches, will be giving away one book to one lucky reader!

Want another bonus? Kajsa is also going to give away a set of 14 postcards to the lucky winner as well, making it a double win!

Just comment on this post to be in the running and we’ll pick out the winner after the 26th of November!

*UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Jackie!


193 thoughts on “Scandinavian Stitches by Syko

  1. I’d love to win my own copy of that lovely book – my friend is getting tired of me borrowing hers, lol! Tonight we’re getting together to make Tomte dolls – it’s a Tomte craft-along!

  2. I’ve been following the book blog tour! Not only is it exciting to read the different interviews and perspectives that each reviewer brings, but I get to become acquainted with these wonderful websites I never visited before. Kajsa is inspirational as an artist, a business woman, and a mother! I am inspired!

  3. my eldest have just returned from their visit to Finland – sooo this would be an ideal present for Christmas i’d say ! THX for the opp to enter 🙂

  4. Everything I’ve seen in this book looks so delightful and whimsical. I’d love to give a lot of the crafts a try. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  5. I’m no stranger to the fiber arts, but I having seriously been thinking of getting into quilting. This would be amazing as I love love love syko’s whimsical eye! the postcards are adorable too!

  6. super sweet! I am buying a copy for my crafty sister Nancy, but would love a copy for my own creative library. Stash Books are publishing some fantastic creative expressions! Craft and recycle on!

  7. I absolutely adore this book! I know i’ll treausure this for years to come. The work is brilliantly beautiful and its done with such love, too. Everything’s so inspiring and its great to know where you get your ideas from, Kajsa. Cant wait to start on more projects with my daughter! xo

  8. Hello everyone!
    I would love to have this beautiful book at home and also the incredible and sweet postcards!!! 😉 I am an illustrator who has been recently been researching about stitching, embroidering and felting… I think this would be a nice add to my biblioteque!!! 😉
    Hope I can win this! (I’ve never won anything!).

    cheers for everyone!

  9. I’ve been a fan of Kajsa from the get-go! So exciting that she has a book now, and I would certainly be thrilled to have this on my bookshelf and in my studio!

  10. I’m loving this blog tour – it’s so nice to find out more about creative people and also to discover new blogs. This book is definitely on my Christmas list and the cards look gorgeous too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Looks like a great book!! I really like the drawings and combination of diys. Very inspiring, I wish I saw this post earlier… I needed some inspiration.

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