#3: Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling class!

Course fee: USD$180.00

“Be that thing that you know that you are.”

Have you ever wanted to create a story using your own images or ideas but were too afraid to begin or didn’t know where to start?? Visual journaling is a fantastic way to dive in and break down the fears and imaginary barriers that may exist in creating your own unique story!

In this five week course we’ll use a moleskine as a medium and place to gather images and ideas. Incorporating collage, drawn imagery, words, and photos to create your own narrative we’ll explore different ways of self-expression. With emphasis on
specific character development and examples from across the web of exciting, inventive visual journaling to inspire and learn from!

This course provides structure and focus for those wanting to create a children’s book or cohesive narrative using visual imagery. Including weekly assignments, one-on-one critiques, peer input and a supportive community of artists in which to share and grow!

As the course progresses your moleskine will become an evolving work of art! We will conclude the class with the creation of a second moleskine which reinterprets the visuals and story of your first; along with some information about how to take it further and publish your own storybook.

*Please note while this course does include some technical insight, the main aim is creative thinking!

  • Also, all classes have limited space so it’s better to enroll early!

2 Moleskines*
Camera or scanner to upload images from your moleskine/journal
dedication & time!
Download the course outline!

Course Dates:
Start: 23 May 2011

Need more information? Read the FAQs on the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp!

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About Jamie

Jamie Shelman is a painter, artist, cat fancier, and cycling fanatic. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with studies abroad in Rome, Italy and Sydney College of the Arts, Australia. She currently lives with her husband, artist Tom Meyer, in Roland Park, Baltimore, Maryland recently relocated from Martha’s Vineyard by way of NYC. She loves minimal forms of expression that contain within them an ability to engage the viewer’s imagination without filling in all the blanks. Her work has been exhibited in NYC, Providence, RI, Cape Cod and Australia. She’s been featured on several blogs including Apartment Therapy, Oh Joy!, Black Eiffel, Dear Ada, {frolic}, hey susy*, and many more. She is currently working on her first “children’s” book with great hope for publication!

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About Amy

Amy is a former architecture + design magazine editor who is infatuated with art and illustration; especially the meeting between the two. She has given Etsy talks on creativity and on looking at things with fresh eyes — whether it’s art or business. Her mind runs a mile a minute with ideas, and she would love to let others tap into it! Everyone would pick up a pencil and just start – hence the collaboration with wonderful teacher Jamie Shelman for the Pikaland Bootcamp series to encourage artists & illustrators out there to make their mark in the world!

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