Erica Sharp

Erica Sharp

Erica Sharp

Erica Sharp

Beautiful illustrations made out of washi paper by Erica Sharp. She’s half Japanese, half British and the cultural influence is evident in the work she produces. Love the translucent quality of the washi paper when placed against each other. It adds so much texture to Erica’s simple lines!

You can read her blog and also head over to her Miss Paper Cut Etsy shop to pick up one of her prints!

The Gocco PikaPackage giveaway!

We’re really excited to announce the launch of the latest PikaPackage Project — the Gocco Edition, that features a curated list of 17 artists and illustrators who dabble in the medium!

I fell in love with the Gocco machine ever since I saw the works that came out of one. Simple, colorful and compact, the toy-like table-top screenprinting contraption was easy to operate and so much fun! As the number of artists who used Gocco for their art increased (as well as those who loved the medium), I thought that it would be a huge fun to organize a package around the theme! The Gocco PikaPackage is a beautiful collection of works by these artists:

1. Benconservato
2. Cindy Tomcyzk
3. Dee Beale
4. Denise Holmes
5. Emily Glaubinger
6. Fric De Mentol
7. haunted house of projects
8. Jesses Mess
9. Kate Pugsley
10. Keeki
11. Kids Haus
12. Laura Berger
13. Mateo & Isabel
14. Moira Millman
15. Piktorama
16. Susan Estelle Kwas
17. Susan Schwake

In this issue of the Gocco PikaPackage zine (available as a FREE download!), you can get to know the artists via a short Q & A, and there’s also a treat in store for Gocco lovers — our artists share some of their Gocco tips with you!

The Gocco PikaPackage loot!

We have TWO 8-item Gocco PikaPackage for grabs (valued at about $50 each!), and TWO lucky winners will get to take home a large loot of lovely items in the mail! All you have to do is just head on to any of the websites above, explore their work and tell us which one is your favorite artist & why. Drop your note in the comments section by 27th September and we’ll email the winners after!

For those who want to get a limited edition Gocco PikaPackage of your very own, you can head over to the shop to pick up a package!

{Although participation in the PikaPackage Project is by invitation only, you can notify me of your interest and read more about the project over at our galleria page.}

Here’s hoping that this giveaway will chase away your Monday blues! 😉

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Emma & Amber, as generated by

Susan Schwake

Susan Schwake

Name: Susan Schwake
Location: New Hampshire, USA

How about a brief introduction?
I am an artist, gallery owner and curator of exhibits. I also have been teaching art in my own little school for the past 18 years.

What made Gocco so special for you?
I first used a Gocco machine in college in the late 70’s. It was introduced to me by my mentor who had us silkscreening in every possible form.

Any tips on using a Gocco that you’d like to share?
Try mixing up your own new colors on a piece of glass with a palette knife! Then apply gently to the screen.

What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
The LARGEST accomplishment to date was a 15 foot by 5 foot banner I hand painted for a friend’s wedding this past August.

Share something random with us!
I really love a good campfire, especially in my own backyard!

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