You must

I’m all for a little fearlessness today. Heck, make that EVERYDAY. Of course when someone tells me that something can’t be done — up to this point they would have already regretted uttering those words because my facial expression would have taken on a life of its own — I would respond with a WHAT NO WAY I’LL SHOW YOU.

And of course, don’t think that I don’t ever fall flat on my face, because I do. But the trying? Now that must be worth at least something!

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Doodles in conversation

A Day in the Life of me with my kids...

Evening Conversation

I find doodles/letterings of everyday conversations extremely charming — embedded behind those cheery looking lines are things that we say to each other everyday that we take for granted (except perhaps “bugger off”, which I think is funny yet quaint, but I can’t really say that to people a lot!)

{first image: Liz Rocks | second image: Jenni Sparks}


This week’s postings has packed quite a punch (ahem, two giveaways) so I think I’ll ease up on the eye candy for today and will see you back on Monday, have a lovely weekend!

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