Becca Stadtlander

Loving the quirky, folk arty feel of Kentucky based artist Becca Stadtlander. Her art has a fantastic sense of place that makes me want to visit Kentucky (just go to West Virgina and make a left) and calls to mind the works of Grandma Moses.

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  1. Amba says:

    this landscapes are stunning, principally because they tell us an story. beautiful environments. I believe that I will love to live in these paintings. Like happens in the movie of Mary Poppins, when they jump into the paintings! that is what I like to do!

  2. truly beautyful
    I agree with Amba, they all tell a tale.
    I love how she uses the white color, in little lines and graceful dots…

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. aijung says:

    i just checked out her website and her art is just beautiful! very impressive.

  4. tali says:

    these are beautiful! so evocative. Makes me want to go live in a big old house in the countryside 🙂

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