London Fashion Week windows: Esther Coombs

Esther Coombs

Esther Coombs

Esther Coombs

We covered Esther Coombs’ illustrated teacups a while back, and we’re happy to see that she’s illustrating on a much bigger canvas as well!

For London’s Fashion Week, Esther was asked to draw iconic London buildings on the walls, perspects and glass of Nicole Farhi’s boutique on Bond Street, so if you’re in the area do pop in for a treat (and maybe tell the manager of the shop how much you love them too!)

4 Replies to “London Fashion Week windows: Esther Coombs”

  1. amazing! really love the illustrations on glass in front. great work.

  2. eli says:

    Wow! cool collection! Love the color and the texture.

    On the other, I like the building backdrop for the event, London’s Fashion Week. I like how it’s drawn. Stencil and all. Really suits the occasion.

  3. otobüs says:

    I like londons fasion. i like english fasion..

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