Bake me a vegan cake!

Katie Green

Katie Green

Katie Green

Whenever I pop a spoonful of cake (or anything else for that matter), I do think about vegetarians out there, or even those with allergies to certain ingredients. I was wondering how they are able to indulge themselves, and to recreate the experience of eating something as sinful as cake; without the sinful elements!

There’s where Katie Green’s book came in. A vegan herself for four years, she was on the lookout for good vegan cake but couldn’t find any. So she took matters in her own hands and illustrated and self-published this little gem Bake me a Vegan Cake, which you can read about the process over on her blog, and see some delicious samplings while you’re at it.

Are you drooling already? I know I am!

4 Replies to “Bake me a vegan cake!”

  1. RedFenyx says:

    Absolutely cute! I’ll forward the news to my vegan friends! ^^

  2. maree says:

    I’m always looking for a good vegan cake recipe so I’ll definitely check this out! You can still indulge in plenty of sinful foods as a vegan!

  3. vesle serena says:

    Katie Greens illustrations are so cute! This book is great for non-vegan too 🙂

  4. aijung says:

    one day i want to snatch up this book. i love katie’s work!

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