Recently I divulged a secret online…I wish I was Will Bryant. On my days off from wishing about Mr. Fancy Pants’ art, I wish I was Chris Piascik. Well, how lucky I am, because these two just released a limited edition Halloween themed ‘zine titled Hallowzine! MWAHAHA! Now-how can I make a Will Bryant costume?

I hope I didn’t just scare him away.

5 Replies to “hallowzine!”

  1. ahh that zine looks sweet. i love mr. fancy pants art too. so amazing. i’m sure you didn’t scare him. hehe.

  2. haha! Thanks for posting this!

  3. 2ndComing says:

    Will bryant is the hardest working illustrator on the internet. No doubt about it.

  4. OMG, i just found ur blog. and am loving it
    i can keep reading and enjoy’n the inspiration for months… ♥

    thanx for it all.

  5. Will Bryant says:

    you are tooooooo sweet! thank you for the kindness, Rachel!

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