Envy: Does it make you a better artist?

Have you ever been struck with envy? You know, the things that make you wonder about your own capabilities as an artist.

How DOES she does that?
How does he manage to capture the emotion so well in his painting?
Oh wow, I wish I could draw something like that.

Well I do.

I’ve always wanted to make art that was edgy and raw. Somehow I could never translate that into my work. I end up with cutesy characters and sunshine-y elements that somehow crept into the fold. So I would get jealous when I see a work that I wished I could make – if only I could force my hand to move that way!

So I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on the topic for issue #6 of the Good to Know zine:

Do you get jealous/envious when you view other people’s work?
Does it make you a better artist? How do you get over it?

To participate:
1. Just reply to this e-mail with your response; and also
2. Add in your name + link to your blog/portfolio/shop

And if you’d like to send in images to go along with your entry, that would be awesome! Here is a quick guideline:
1. The image should be in black and white, (dark grey is acceptable as well) – colors won’t show up well, so you can tweak your image to make it B&W.
2. Image must be at least 200 dpi for clarity, and be at least 1000 pixels wide.

I can’t wait to see what you have to say about this topic, so please send in your answers by Friday, 16th October to be a part of the issue!

All participants will get a free download of the PDF of the issue.
(Psst, participants can also purchase the zine for keeps at a special price!)

p/s — Thanks so much for everyone who came along for the giveaway for the #5th issue that deals with the issue of whether it matters if you studied art. The zines have already been despatched to the lucky winners! To get a personal copy of your own, you can head here: http://pikaland.com/goodtoknow

Hope you’re having a lovely Friday!


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