The PikaPackage Project: Times are a’changin

Hi everyone,

As I write this I have come to realize that I can’t really decide alone about a certain topic that has been on my mind for the past few weeks.

Remember that I sent out a call to participate for the June PikaPackage — for limited edition art? And here’s the thing: I have contacted NO ONE AT ALL because of a few issues that have been lingering in my mind. I’m terribly sorry to those who have written, but have not received a reply — trust me when I say that I still have all your emails and I am frozen. And this is because I am at a crossroads with the PikaPackage Project. Why the change? Well, I’ll tell you what’s been swirling in my mind so that you can help me make a better decision.

Let’s start with why I would need to change the format of the PikaPackage Project:

  1. There is about a 2% chance that your package might get lost in the mail. Now this is the very reason I’m hesitant to ask you to send your precious limited editions. I am heartbroken when I have to tell someone that their package may be lost.
  2. Organizing the PPP is very time-consuming.
  3. I can’t organize it frequently enough to garner the attention it deserves.
  4. The economy makes buying packages a little more difficult, even for regular buyers.
  5. I have come to the point where I would like to explore my own work as well, so I would need to free up some of my time to pursue this.

And here’s what makes the PikaPackage popular:

  1. People love the concept.
  2. Artists like the swaps.
  3. Everyone likes reading and discovering new artists.
  4. It’s exciting to get surprise stuff in the mail.
  5. The free zine. ‘Nuff said.

+++++ BUT ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

After thinking about it hard, I’ve decided that for this to be sustainable, something needs to be changed. I’ve come up with a solution based on the previous feedback I’ve received from the survey:

  1. People are interested in more regular projects that feature artists.
  2. A lot of artists don’t mind making limited edition art for Pikaland’s projects
  3. People want a more affordable way to support artists
  4. People want to see new artists
  5. People want to be able to pick which art they like

So I’ve come up with this alternative:

  1. We feature a number of artists in an online gallery format, with each artist submitting one original artwork. There will be a short bio + interview page + a few images of their works in individual pages. This is good for artists who would like to announce new works, or to sell their limited edition items made for the project — feel free to offer special discounts, etc on your page.
  2. The gallery is geared towards illustration/art based goods ONLY for better focus.
  3. There will be a small fee for listing in the gallery, which I have computed will save costs for the artists in the long run (I have not determined the amount as of yet though!) Ads on the front page of the blog are fully optional, and will be offered on discount for participants.
  4. I will put up monthly ad spaces for sale — but only in limited numbers. The ones who opt for the gallery placement will be able to put in theirs too at a discounted price.
  5. Artists don’t have to send me anything — so no packages can get lost. (phew!)
  6. There will still be a giveaway for each round, but this time I won’t be sending out the items to the winners. Participating artists will be the one who send their artwork to the lucky person.

Pros of this new method:

  1. No packages lost during sending (either to me or me to you)
  2. More frequent posting/updates of new works — a more attentive readership base for artists
  3. Faster turnaround for artists who likes coming out with new work
  4. Narrowing the scope to fewer artists per round will garner more attention per artist.
  5. Buyers get to pick which ones they like best to add to their collection.
  6. More time for me to experiment with illustration again, yay!

… and the cons:

  1. Artists don’t get a pikapackage in return. Dang.

I’d like to think that Pikaland is a community-based place where we can bounce ideas and opinions off each other, so I’d like to hear what you think. This place is as much yours as it is mine, and I like to keep it that way. Take a poll on the left, or comment below to share your opinion. If you’d rather talk to me directly (or bring up anything and prefer it to be more private), email me at amy{AT}

Any thoughts you would like to share with me on this would help me tremendously, thank you!

Pikaland Specials!

Hi everyone!

There’s quite a few offers happening over at Pikaland in the past few days, so I thought I’d make an easy list for all to see:

1. In honor of #etsyday, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING for the first issue of the Good to Know zine for just one day only!

2. Racheal Anylise is having a special Print Party in honor of her Etsyversary — comment here: and win yourself one of two prints!

3. Jenny of Be Happy Now is having free shipping on her latest tiny book (plus, she’s draw a special drawing on each envelope) when you enter the code “PIKALAND” during checkout.

There’s quite a few neat stuff to see too on Pikaland, but then I thought that you might not want to miss out on any of these (especially since they’re time-sensitive!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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