Pikaland: Friend favs on Paper n Stitch!

A month ago, Brittni of Paper n Stitch invited me on her beautiful online exhibition space to select 20 works from various artists, and the result is my Friend Favs for this round! I’m so excited to see so many wonderful artists, and I’ve also discovered so many new ones to be added to my list of favourites. Brittni’s blog is also a treasure trove of finds, so be sure to bookmark her site!

Hop on over to Paper n Stitch’s Friend Favs to see the full list of what I picked… and believe me it was a tough call! 🙂

{Thank you so much Brittni!}

Taru Designs

Beautiful handmade toys by Taru, a company in Montreal that designs and produces these wooden toys. The best thing about them? Their form may be the same, but it’s the grain of the wood that gives them each their own character.

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