Pikaland + Etsy Virtual Labs: Inspiring Creativity

I’m getting butterflies in my stomach lately, and have been reduced to a disorganized wreck, all because of one event.

You see, I’ve been invited to talk at Etsy’s Virtual Labs (http://www.etsy.com/virtual_labs.php) on Tuesday, 14th April 8pm, New York time about a topic I feel very strongly about — creativity, and I feel as if my mind has suddenly emptied itself.

I’m supposed to share my opinions on what fuels creativity, what I think of competition, trend spotting and what an artist can and offer to the marketplace, and while I do have many thoughts about this, but I fear that I may somehow turn up an absolute blank tomorrow.

There will be a videocam, and you’ll be able to hear me talk, and underneath it all I’ll probably be sweating bucketloads (but thank goodness you and your readers won’t be able to see THAT.)

So if you have some readers who would be able to talk me up and to hold my hand a little (and of course those who would like to chat about the topic at hand!), I would be so happy if you could send them over with a towelette or two.

And of course I would be over the moon if you could come! 🙂


blogged: http://pikaland.com/2009/04/14/pikaland-presents-inspiring-creativity

p/s— if you’d like it to be on your Facebook calendar for reminder purposes, then this is the event page for you to see: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=64076143882&ref=nf.

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