The #4 PikaPackage Giveaway!!

Dear friends,

The FOURTH round of the PikaPackage Project is in full swing, and right now the giveaway has already begun — and just like the last round, both winners are going to be picked entirely from the list of comments. The comments will close on Tuesday 21th October, 8 p.m. PST/PDT.

Hop on over to to give it a go, or if you’d like to purchase one for yourself (or as a gift!), please head on over to our NEW shop at! We will be donating USD2.00 from each sale to Amnesty International, a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

Thank you for looking and I hope you’re having a good Friday!


October PikaPackage giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’m so happy to announce the launch of the FOURTH PikaPackage Project with a gigantic giveaway! I’m dividing it into TWO winners, and each will get half of the loot from our contributors. Winners are picked only from the comments this time. Below are the participants who so graciously took up the PikaPackage Project:

  1. Carol of From Tiki With Love sent over these amazing archival prints of her bird drawings;
  2. Susan Estelle Kwas sent in these awesome Gocco cards just in time for Halloween;
  3. Irena Sophia sent in beautiful prints, necklaces, mini-prints and stickers;
  4. Sara of Multiple Personality sent in prints of her lovely ladies, button packs, and various prints of her drawings;
  5. Sandra Krumins of Lino Creative is back again with her colorful and fun linoprints;
  6. Pam of Zoetropa sent in new cards + tags made with her lovely stamps;
  7. Tanya Pshenychny of Razorberries sent in blank cards + giclee prints made from her metaphorical illustrations!
  8. Helen of Zuk Zuk sent in her bright and happy prints;
  9. Francesca of Mrs. Eliot’s Books sent in lovely prints, correspondence sets and cards;
  10. Candace Jean sent in beautiful and delicate, full sized prints of her illustrations and paintings;
  11. Dura aka i.itch.illustrations sent in colorful characters and original paintings from The Fashion Forest;
  12. Milly of the Cutiepie Company sent in a fun exclusive gocco print, button packs and card sets;
  13. Stacy Kathryn Holst sent in prints of her paintings, along with her illustrated cards;
  14. Manyi of MAU Studio sent over ACEOs of a new ninja character, along with other stickers and goodies;
  15. Cara of Sew Bettie sent over sample fabric swatches of her very own designed fabric which are limited editions;
  16. Violeta Gau sent in ingenius little collage pieces for you to put together your own story (along with a bookmark!), and each collage packet is uniquely handmade!
  17. Sarah Gardner sent in beautiful and inspiring prints and cards;
  18. Julia of Lineanongrata sent in amazing canvas prints, sticker sets and button sets;
  19. Vivienne Strauss sent in her delightful gocco poodle prints and various prints of her paintings;
  20. Tanya of Gumball Grenade sent in Halloween themed prints + magnets + buttons;
  21. Twozdai sent in carefully prepared sets that includes a print, postcard, a card and moo stickers;
  22. David and Anna of Goldlion sent in groovy miniprints, button sets and postcards;
  23. Jenny of Be Happy Now sent in a truly colorful package of gocco and matte prints, along with a handmade felt book filled with her happy illustrations;
  24. Pearlyn of Kaching Design sent in gocco prints and postcard sets of her alphabet animals!
  25. Amy Blackwell sent in a medley of her whimsical animal prints;
  26. Naomi of The Time is Now sent in exclusive prints slipped into individually drawn envelopes;
  27. Heli sent in adorable little magnets and a mini bear book;
  28. Cate Anevski sent in beautiful matte prints of her illustration;
  29. Diane Duda sent in specially prepared packages each containing a print and a handmade card;
  30. Sarah + Gregory Spooner of The Lapwing Printworks sent in bright woodcut prints and also letterpressed cards;
  31. Hilary Wagstaff of Little Moshi sent in bookmarks, a illustrated moleskine notebook (just the cover, people!), gocco prints and many other artworks;
  32. Licia of Theophany sent in two sets of original paintings on canvas, along with her illustrated set of cards AND fabric magnets!
  33. Meagan Hall + Sasha Barr of Wonderthunder sent in the most adorable little plushies ever;
  34. Amy Cartwright sent in whimsical rotatable cards and cute stickers;
  35. Jessica Gonacha sent in lovely archival prints of her drawings;
  36. Cori Dantini sent in ACEOs and vintage paper scraps in a wonderful packet;
  37. Mary Kilvert sent in a mirror, print, buttons and postcards;
  38. Julie of Your Secret Admiral sent in original paintings, envelope notebooks and various gocco goods;
  39. Sam Bradd sent in beautiful original linoprints that are also individually rendered with watercolor;
  40. Myisha of Springcart sent in prints of super chic ladies that she drew!
  41. Kate Endle sent in adorable and cheery mini collages;
  42. Flora Douville’s watercolor prints of alphabets + animals are amazing;
  43. Eireann Lorsung of Oh Bara made exclusive etchings exclusive little etchings with chine collée (which you can’t find anywhere else!);
  44. Carolyn Alexander sent in her latest book, along with stickers + prints for the launch!
  45. Emily sent in prints, stationery and more from her Dollygagging shop and
  46. Erik + Emily sent in a whole lot of art + stationery from their Flummeries line!

So here’s what you need to do have a chance to win each one of these packages — visit the shops/websites of our participants, and write down here in the comments which product you like from their shops (include the links if you’d like). EDIT: Some of them don’t have shops yet, but that’s alright too, just let us know you liked what they sent in!

The closing date for this is on Tuesday 21st October, 8 p.m. PST/PDT. I’ll pick two random winners from the comments section, so be sure to leave your email addy!

You can read more about the participants here, and remember to read up on our participants in our PikaPackage zine too! (If you prefer to read it online, you can hop on over to Issuu, where we also have all our interviews with our artists online for all to read!)

And if you want to purchase a PikaPackage for yourself (and to support Pikaland!), hop on to our NEW SHOP! We will be donating USD2.00 from each sale to Amnesty International, a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

And you can always sign up for our mailing list to get updates about special happenings!

UPDATE: The comment section is now CLOSED! Thank you all for your support! The announcement of the winners will be made soon!

How about some booty juggling?

Alright guys, I know I should have let you on these couple of links earlier so that you can whittle your time away in the most fun manner, seeing as I’ve strung you along for October’s PikaPackage Project long enough. Just a few more hours to go, but for the ones who simply need a reason to stick to the PC, well, here are your options:

  1. Booty Juggler — I totally lost, but then, you might be good at juggling your booty (pun intended!)
  2. Go ahead and learn a new skill, thanks to Lizzy who is so graciously sharing you how to go about blockprinting in a downloadable PDF;
  3. See who is the Superest?
  4. Or if you’re into the silly schlapstick stuff, then some Purple and Brown might tide you over.

{Image + link of the Booty Juggler (tee hee!) courtesy of Drawn!}