How about some booty juggling?

Alright guys, I know I should have let you on these couple of links earlier so that you can whittle your time away in the most fun manner, seeing as I’ve strung you along for October’s PikaPackage Project long enough. Just a few more hours to go, but for the ones who simply need a reason to stick to the PC, well, here are your options:

  1. Booty Juggler — I totally lost, but then, you might be good at juggling your booty (pun intended!)
  2. Go ahead and learn a new skill, thanks to Lizzy who is so graciously sharing you how to go about blockprinting in a downloadable PDF;
  3. See who is the Superest?
  4. Or if you’re into the silly schlapstick stuff, then some Purple and Brown might tide you over.

{Image + link of the Booty Juggler (tee hee!) courtesy of Drawn!}

4 Replies to “How about some booty juggling?”

  1. Erica says:

    haha booty juggler is so confusing! i just kept clicking random things and i died with a mere score of 600. :/

  2. Renee says:

    Amy, it’s me again. Another question for you. I ordered the august package and received it. I just went on the shop and looked at more of the august packages. I really liked no 2 because it was different from the things I already received. If I ordered that one too, would it be different from the one I received already. If so, I am going to order another one from August. Is that the same with the October, if you order more than one, are they always different as I wouldn’t want to order two of the same thing.

    Thanks Amy.


  3. jinnie says:

    My favorites! I’ve been playing the Booty Juggler and watching Purple & Brown ever since Drawn! blogged about them. Such infectious laughter those two silly blobs have. Ho ho ho!

  4. Adamandia... says:

    I love Aardman animation….I’ve never seen Purple and Brown…thanks for the giggles.

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