PikaPackage October update #2

Packages are still pouring in from the October’s round of PikaPackage participants, yay! Here’s a list of the second update (thank you for bearing with me for the late postings, I had a couple of things I had to handle!)

  1. Meagan Hall + Sasha Barr of Wonderthunder sent in the most adorable little plushies ever;
  2. Amy Cartwright sent in whimsical rotatable cards and cute stickers;
  3. Jessica Gonacha sent in lovely archival prints of her drawings;
  4. Cori Dantini sent in ACEOs and vintage paper scraps in a wonderful packet;
  5. Mary Kilvert sent in a mirror, print, buttons and postcards;
  6. Julie of Your Secret Admiral sent in original paintings, envelope notebooks and various gocco goods;
  7. Sam Bradd sent in beautiful original linoprints that are also individually rendered with watercolor; and
  8. Myisha of Springcart sent in prints of super chic ladies that she drew!

{For more images, hop on to our Flickr stream!}

And as usual, if you want to know when the giveaway will be for October’s round, remember to sign up for our mailing list! If you can’t wait for that, you can always pick up a package from our August participants to tide you over!

Okay, now I need to haul myself back over to the new studio to do the umpteenth round of cleaning up (I am painfully aware that I sound like a broken record!) 🙂 But before that, I want to point you over to one of my favorite blogs — the wonderful and inspiring Grain Edit — for a chance at winning an assortment of goodies from illustrators + artists that Dave has featured before, including the newly-married Julia Rothman and superb Matte Stephens!

Have a nice weekend y’all, and thank you for the lovely wishes!

New home + studio

New studio+home

I was away for a few days cleaning up and preparing my new home for moving in. This photo shows coins on the floor, which we threw into the house to symbolise good luck; a couple of oranges were rolled on the floor too!

I’ll be back in full swing once things are settled in (within the next few days!) because my in-laws are here as well. 😉

The Shiny Squirrel is ONE!

I will take a nap, an original by Emmi Jormalainen

The Shiny Squirrel — a place to shop for exclusive limited editions and one-of-a-kind artworks — is turning one, and to celebrate, Jessica is offering a special surprise when you mention Pikaland during your purchase of USD20 or more from her shop!

Happy birthday to the shiniest squirrel there is!

EDIT: You can have a look at Emmi’s blog over here Jormalainen, via the awesome Gemma Correll.