James Gulliver Hancock

Editorial illustration for Business Week magazine USA
for an article on the internet application Twitter becoming overloaded.

James Gulliver Hancock is an artist trained in Visual Communications in Sydney, Australia who’s work (as his namesake) has traveled the whole world over. He was involved in artist projects and residencies in Indonesia, Austria, France, the U.K. and America and is currently located in Los Angeles — working on projects in Europe, America and Australia.

Part on his illustrations for Readers Digest Australia for stories on pets doing extraordinary things.

From his website:

His work is conceptually driven and is concerned with confusions of perception and embraces personal subjectivity. Born to psychologist parents he draws from an analysis of hyperchondria, obsession, and hyper-awareness. Throughout this investigation his work maintains a consistent charm, whimsy and poetic graphic sensibility.

We Will Not Grow Old Lyrics poster, 2 colour silkscreen print on art paper

There’s also wonderful things in his shop, such as posters screenprinted by hand and a print for each calendar month.

3 Replies to “James Gulliver Hancock”

  1. Naomi Shiek says:

    I love getting your newsletter, you really do open my eyes to new artists and artworks. You just can’t put a price to opening the browser and finding illustrations like these that put a smile on your face.

    He has a great take on the calendar, too. I’m in search of all the best illustrated calendars online. Haven’t found much so far, unfortunately.

  2. Ooo, I love his stuff. Off to check out his shop!

  3. meighan says:

    wow. love his work. that illustration for animals that do extraordinary things? beautiful.

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