The Beautiful Project

Jeannette Ordas is a Vancouver, BC based illustrator and designer and she makes adorable note cards, gift tags and calendars for her shop The Beautiful Project. I think this card is very thoughtful, since I just came from the park and it seems like a lot of people needs some reminding about some picnic Ps and Qs.


+ Here’s a book I’d love to get my hands on: The Red Shoes by Eleri Glass.

+ Scarecrow by John Casey is a 6” x 9” book that showcases his unique brand of fantastic and grotesque illustration, which will be released this Thursday night (perfect for Halloween!)

+ If you love yourself some Poladoodle prints from Lilacmoon Studio, now’s the time — Jinnie is having her first Etsy sale and you can get them at 20% off!

+ And here’s a couple more links to having animals on your walls without the guilt — feltidermy and Rachel Denny {via My Love for You}. You can see the other links here and here.


I’ll be writing a special review of a book after this, so do check back!

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