August PikaPackage Update #4!

Aaah. The last update for August PikaPackage is finally here, and within the next few hours, the giveaway will be launched as well! For the last updates, we have here a merry band of artists:

  1. Matte Stephens sent in Gocco prints + giclee prints of his retro-inspired illustrations;
  2. Gracia + Louise sent us cards sents + individual cards from their Hammer & Daisy label;
  3. Emily sent in prints, stationery and more from her Dollygagging shop
  4. Erik + Emily sent in a whole lot of art + stationery from their Flummeries line;
  5. Sarah Blank sent in beautiful giclee prints;
  6. Kathy Weller sent in adorable bookmarks and ACEOs;
  7. Shelby Healy sent in her gorgeous pattern-inspired prints;
  8. Kirsty of Gypsy & Twink sent in exclusive sets of lovely ladies + cards;
  9. Stephanie of Milady Productions sent in wonderful art prints;
  10. Kylie of Mizu Designs sent in delicate woodblock printed cards + giclee prints;
  11. Rebecca of Hoorah sent in beautiful original watercolor drawings, ACEOs and cards;
  12. Mel Roska sent in linoleum prints finished with markers along with buttons;
  13. Rachael of Number Eight sent in her giclee printed ladies;
  14. Jennifer of Swallowfield sent in colorful prints of her drawings and collages;
  15. Ella of Fantasmagoric sent in original drawings on magnets, zines + cards;
  16. I (yes, me, Amy) contributed my Gocco prints;
  17. Danielle of DiDiGalDecor sent in Gocco prints + recipe cards; and
  18. Manyi of MAU Studio sent in cards, postcards, stationery sets + stickers!

Sign up for our mailing list if you haven’t already; and for the rest of you, there’s nothing to do but wait it out! 🙂

Oh, and you could also have a look at the shop to see if you would like to grab one of the few last PikaPackages for sale from July’s participants.

To look at the full entries from August’s participants, have a look at our Flickr stream!

4 Replies to “August PikaPackage Update #4!”

  1. Melanie says:

    This just keeps getting better and better 🙂

  2. stickbird says:

    This looks like the best package yet!

  3. Eirah says:

    This package is awesome!

  4. Kierstin says:

    Fantastic! I found a neighbor on your last giveaway- and featured her and two others on my blog- you too!

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