August PikaPackage GIVEAWAY!


It has begun.

I’m so happy to announce our THIRD giveaway! And instead of ONE big winner, I’m dividing it into TWO again for this round, and each will get half of the loot from our contributors. Winners are picked only from the comments this time. Below are the participants who so graciously took up the PikaPackage Project:

  1. Karena of Magic Jelly sent in gorgeous 1.25 inch buttons;
  2. Holly of Good Bloom sent in cheery prints and cards from her collection;
  3. Elise of Argyle Whale sent in exclusive editions of her Barnacle Whale Gocco prints;
  4. Valerie of Cabin + Cub sent in wonderland-themed notebooks;
  5. Anna Ruby King sent in individual, hand-painted guoache postcards;
  6. Brian Patenaude sent in his colorful Smurf series + small prints;
  7. Holly of Vinyl Wall Art sent in wall adorable wall decals and temporary tatoos;
  8. Alicia Souza sent in a parade of handsome soldiers, fabric prints and a special long card made just for the project;
  9. Shannon of Round Robin Press sent in eco-friendly plantable cards;
  10. Katie of What Katie Does sent in postcards + buttons of her illustrations;
  11. Heike of Felicitate88 sent in her wonderful linoprints, postcards, originals and ACEOs;
  12. Mary Kilvert sent in pretty buttons, postcards, print and a mirror;
  13. Julia Pott who sent in a zine specially prepared for this round (AND two stickers inside too!);
  14. Flossy Particles sent in gorgeous watercolor giclee prints, postcards, keychains and her inspirational Happy Happy Gardens Card pack;
  15. Christine of Wonting sent in her wonderful Gocco prints and Gocco-ed moleskine notebooks;
  16. Junkyard Sam sent in TWO exclusive prints that he made just for this project;
  17. Tiel of TskTsk sent in gorgeous prints and cards;
  18. Danita sent in her paintings and collages of her ladies, on giclee print and ACEOs;
  19. Cori Dantini sent in adorable stickers to be added into your collection;
  20. Robin of Four Crows sent in gicleee prints of her illustration, and a calendar too!;
  21. Marissa of Miss Sequential and Thimblewinder sent in Gocco prints of Amelia Earhart;
  22. Matte Stephens sent in Gocco prints + giclee prints of his retro-inspired illustrations;
  23. Gracia + Louise sent us cards sents + individual cards from their Hammer & Daisy label;
  24. Emily sent in prints, stationery and more from her Dollygagging shop
  25. Erik + Emily sent in a whole lot of art + stationery from their Flummeries line;
  26. Sarah Blank sent in beautiful giclee prints;
  27. Kathy Weller sent in adorable bookmarks and ACEOs;
  28. Shelby Healey sent in her gorgeous pattern-inspired prints;
  29. Kirsty of Gypsy & Twink sent in exclusive sets of lovely ladies + cards;
  30. Stephanie of Milady Productions sent in wonderful art prints;
  31. Kylie of Mizu Designs sent in delicate woodblock printed cards + giclee prints;
  32. Rebecca of Hoorah sent in beautiful original watercolor drawings, ACEOs and cards;
  33. Mel Roska sent in linoleum prints finished with markers along with buttons;
  34. Rachael of Number Eight sent in her giclee printed ladies;
  35. Jennifer of Swallowfield sent in colorful prints of her drawings and collages;
  36. Ella of Fantasmagoric sent in original drawings on magnets, zines + cards;
  37. I (yes, me, Amy) contributed my Gocco prints;
  38. Danielle of DiDiGalDecor sent in Gocco prints + recipe cards; and
  39. Manyi of MAU Studio sent in cards, postcards, stationery sets + stickers!

So here’s what you need to do have a chance to win each one of these packages — visit the shops of our participants, and write down here in the comments which product you like from their shop (include the links if you’d like).

The closing date for this is on Wednesday 20th August, 8 p.m. PST/PDT. I’ll pick two random winners from the comments section, so be sure to leave your email addy!

You can see more about the participants here, and remember to read up on our participants in our PikaPackage zine too — you can download one here

You can always sign up for our mailing list to get updates about special happenings!

And if you want to purchase a PikaPackage for yourself (and to support Pikaland!), hop on to our SHOP! We will be donating USD2.00 from each sale to Amnesty International, a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

P/S — THANK YOU for everyone who joined in! Commenting has now closed, and we will be announcing the winner soon!

136 Replies to “August PikaPackage GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Vee. says:

    This is the 3rd time I’ve entered. Usually I pass off giveaways as impossible, but never before have I been so determined!

    My favourite product from the participants is numbereight’s “She Was A Bit” print (, as it brought back memories of my mum going to a village fancy dress party as Bowie, and scaring all the locals. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Ilaria says:

    My very favourite product is the” 1.25 inch Button Badge – ‘Lemon Jelly’” by Magic Jelly ( I love her style!!

  3. Jen says:

    Smith by flossy-p is my favorite,, her work is soooo wonderful.

  4. Tina Merz says:

    Good Bloom – i just love everything from this shop :B

    What Katie Does –

    Mary Kilvert –

    Tsk Tsk –

    is the third time I’m entering too! hope to get something :DD

  5. Veronica says:

    I love the vintage Kodak camera print by What Katy Does. Thank you for awesome opportunity to win!

  6. krista says:

    uncle willie-benediction by magic jelly

    oh, how i love these letters from good bloom. one would look so good on my daughter’s wall above her crib.

    and the bunny gocco print from argylewhale? i always say ‘nom nom nom’ to my baby when i’m feeding her.

    man, i could go on forever, but i’ll stop at the first three and spend the rest of my baby’s nap browsing every single store and feeling inspired. thanks for the inspiration along with the giveaway!

  7. Yah! I love Pika Packages. I also love Magic Jelly’s Heart Attack gift card. It makes me smile. I can see why it’s one of her most popular designs.

    crosses fingers

  8. kate endle says:

    Lookin’ good- as always!!

  9. Meghan says:

    I love Julia Pott’s work, especially this original:

  10. ren says:

    gosh, the “wisdom tree (aged)” by junkyard sam is lovely. too…much…good…stuff!

  11. furia says:

    I adore these:

    Valerie of Cabin + Cub set in wonderland-themed notebooks:;

    Karena of Magic Jelly’s gorgeous 1.25 inch buttons:

    and Cori Dantini’s adorable stickers

  12. theophany says:

    matte stephens is one of my most favorite artists, ever!!

  13. kassy says:

    Hi Amy, I went to Flossy Particles because the name was so catchy. I liked electricity and smitten.

    I am also a huge fan of Brian Patenaude and I think its so cool he lives right across the water from me, my current favorite at his shop is Doppel

  14. petchy says:

    I love these cards from Tsk Tsk:

    So many gorgeous things in all these shops though, it’s hard to pick just one favourite!!

  15. Zelia says:

    uau, everything is so cool. But i love nยบ 2 Good bloom!

  16. Natch says:

    ohh, how exciting! Here are some of my favorites: (I am particularly in love with all of junkyard Sam’s stuff! So fairytale-esque)

    Danita’s little ladies are so charming: – love funny girl! crafts+notebooks+musical theater- could one ask for more? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    and lastly – – the 3D quality of all of Kirsty’s work is so awesome

    oh I could go on and on ^^

  17. Veronica says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! What a great lineup! My favorites would have to be the whale print from Argyle Whale and Sarah Blank’s giclee print!

    fingers crossed that I win

  18. PickaPackages rule!

    I adore Shannon’s seeded cards because I know so many wonderful gardeners who would love to get one.

    Julia Pott’s work is charming. I love that dog and cat and all her critters. I’d like to get her zine for my own self.

    And hooray for you and Amnesty International! What great idea!

  19. Barb says:

    So many fabulous artists and works, but if I have to pick just one…
    I love everything in Danita’s shop, but most especially her paintings, including this one:

  20. Courtney says:

    Wow, what an amazing package! So hard to choose a favorite but I really love cabin + cub’s notebooks. I’ve had those in my etsy favorites for awhile!

  21. katie says:

    I love Four Crows Illustrations… especially the owls!

  22. Elisabeth Abrams says:

    I am so excited about the package!!!! Everything is wonderful and lovely. I love ArgyleWhale’s Dripping with Jewels Gocco print: Rain clouds are comforting and cozy.
    Thanks for this opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. oh i love all of the art you have generously featured.
    i found matte stephens work to be so fun.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ melissa

  24. Stephanie says:

    What an overwhelming amount of art to choose just 1 favorite from! I have always loved gypsyandtwink’s “elephant with 2 birds.”

    I also have a been a long time fan (and owner) of the wonderful Flummeries paper goods!

  25. kate says:

    Picking a favorite is too tough! Magic Jelly was one of the 1st shops I favorited on Etsy, so it seems only fitting she is the first one named on this list.
    I love her Stuff no.1 gocco print very much.

  26. Melanie says:

    This pig sums up this round of pika package:!!!

    One of the things I love about the project is being introduced to the work of artists I may otherwise never have had the chance to cast my beady eyes on.

    Oh, and next time I write, I think I shall be doing so covered head to toe in Julia Pott tattoos!!

    Melanie xox

  27. Delica says:

    So many creative people but partial to the linoprints of Felicitate88, especially the little bird with the moon.

  28. Laura says:

    I love wall art!I’d pick this print from Vinyl Wall Art to decorate my new apartment with:

  29. JustKreate says:

    Junkyard Sam’s colorful illustrative style is great!

  30. Naomi Shiek says:

    Admittedly, I have a soft spot for baby animals. Wonting’s prints get to me. I’ve had a soft spot for her fawn since its early days when it was a full print. Now it’s joined by the fox with the berries. So cute!

    Gracia and Louise make the most enchanting collages from ornaments and dress catalogues – looking at their zines and postcards always gives me the urge to pick up and leaf through my taschen books!

    Even one of my favorites on etsy turns up! Julia Pott’s Deer Loves You shrinkie ( is fun and curious. I hear she does tattoos now, too…

    I’m very happy to see all these designers and illustrators grouped together!

    There is a picture of the pika package on the shop page (the 1st pic) that shows a print in pinks and yellows. A couple riding on a deer through the forest. I couldn’t find it in any of the participants’ shops! Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but who’s the artist? It’s really beautiful.

  31. dawn says:

    I love mizu designs, and to be honest everything else I’ve seen. I think I may just have to buy the August set though.

  32. Susan says:

    This is fab-u-lous. Well I have 6 personal stand-outs that catch my design eye today (in no particular order)… 1. Matte Stephens ,2. Swallowfield ,3. Felicitate88 , 4. Good Bloom ,5. Magic Jelly ,and 6. Anna Ruby King
    Thank you for creating amaziing art

  33. stickbird says:

    This one looks like the best one yet!!!!! Beautiful!

  34. Emma says:

    You have many of my most favourite artist in this Pikapack, how could I chose just one item?

    Anna Ruby King rules, I love her little birds (especially her Gocco prints) and Julia Pott, I hearted nearly every item in her shop this afternoon, no joke, you can have a look!

  35. Tory says:

    Another wonderful assortment! This could be the best yet.

  36. seven says:

    I so want to win one of these…
    I like:
    Winter Crossing by Junkyard Sam
    Stump Hopping by Wonting
    Let’s Not Talk About the Weather by What Katie Does
    Cute Singing Birds Canvas Tote Bag by Cabin

    Please pick me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Lisa Sorzano says:

    I LOVE fantasmagoric’s work!! whoo hooo!

  38. audrey malo says:

    hi ! this is my first time entering.. i had a hard time deciding my favorite piece out of all these amazing artists … i think my heart goes to this print by Matte Stephens it cracks me up ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Giovanna Selvaggio says:

    oops. forgot my email.

  40. LOVE this round! Great stuff! My favs are

    Mary Kilvert’s in the garden print


    Anna Ruby King’s Birds in Lines

    Hooray for Pika Packages!

  41. emmy lyles says:

    I LOVE the birds in lines from anna ruby king, also i love the flossy particles shop (everything in it!)

    some other fave shops are four crows, Danielle Hornyak’s recipe cards, and the mau studio

  42. gypsy says:

    OK, I noted too many (I visited them ALL!), so no links here.

    I liked the graphic impact of the “red flower print” at goodbloom, and the pinks and greens of “happy thoughts.”

    The “guinea pig pile gocco print” at Argyle Whale made me smile.

    Again with the graphic theme, I liked the “peacock flower screen print” at Wonting.

    Junkyard Sam’s “Handful of Quaggles” was great,

    Love the brilliantly titled sold out ‘zine “…if we stand very still, no one will notice” from Gracia + Louise,

    And, finally, the aptly named “Happy Sun Gocco Print” from Matte Stephens is the next thing on my wish list as I furnish our new (to us) split-level.

  43. Dee says:

    I love MAUstudio! especially the grumpy cat stationary
    So cute!

  44. i love the print from ‘what katie does’ Lets Not Talk About the Weather.

    thank you x

  45. laura says:

    What an amazing line-up!

    I just love Vinyl Wall Art…I’ve been searching for some good ones & they’ve definitely got some of the best I’ve seen. That owl! Love it!

  46. helen says:

    this print from junkyardsam is amazing. x.x

  47. Skylee says:

    My absolute fave product is Magic Jelly’s Stuff No. 1 print ( – I love gocco prints and this one has some lovely random stuff in it!

  48. Olivia Coote says:

    Oh Pika Package one day you will be mine I hope!

    Alicia Souza’s little soldiers caught my eye first! But I can’t find a link on her blog to Etsy.. perhaps I’m just a little slow. However I prowled her flicker and love this travel poster!

    Go hand drawn type! Thank you Pikaland!

  49. Shona says:

    So many lovely pieces to browse! Cor, this was a tricky one, but I absolutely love Tsk Tsk’s ‘Mother’s Nest’ print – the mix of simplicity and complexity is just wonderful, and the colours used are warming on a somewaht chilly day here!

  50. Srdjana says:

    it is so difficult to pick out just one of the Gypsy and Twink works to be my favourite.. I already have 7 that I want to have sitting in the various corners of my house, and although I live in Croatia which means that my postage costs will be astronomical, I might order some because I know they would make me very happy
    ok lets make this my favourite for today

  51. Angela says:

    Oh I definitely want anything from Danita’s site…her cards are on my ‘wish’ list….they are beautiful!

  52. Laura Zarrin says:

    I’m so excited about this new giveaway. Lots of fun stuff!

  53. Linda says:

    I love love LOVE the owl and the pussy cat from Gypsy and Twink ( Totally gorgeous! The lovely ladies are sweet too.

  54. snaggle says:

    A plethora of excellent work from some pretty talented artists. I’m particularly fond of Matte’s creations, especially the charlie bird print,

  55. kelidevi says:

    Sarah Blank’s “Birdcages and Ships” print is magical!

  56. georgina says:

    really love Katie’s work!!!
    “what Katie does”

  57. couldn’t help but notice that both you and Tiel of Tsk Tsk use the Pharmacy font on your sites, which I also use for my identity…her stuff is really great!

  58. Alison says:

    So much gorgeousness! Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful people. I adore Marissa Falco’s Amelia Earhart Gocco Prints (love her blog too). Another fave is Flossy P’s Happy Happy Gardens Card pack (and good to see something Australian).

  59. jonesie says:

    mizu designs. anything wood blocked, the process intrigues me and the outcome is magnificent. nice work!

    I can’t choose just one… those patterns…

  60. Tali says:

    ooh ooh, so many lovely things. I love Matte Stephen’s prints, and felicitate88’s lino prints. wonderful!

  61. freddygirl says:

    Well, the things at GraciaLouise are lovely, indeed. I particularly like their zine “postcards from…”

    And I’m keen on Mosaic #3 from Roska:

    This package is stunning. Just a real treat to discover all these new artists.

    Thank you!

  62. Better than the Lottery.

  63. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the contest. Fun art – can’t pick a favorite!

  64. Christi says:

    <fingers crossed>

    I love this little tree by Gypsy & Twink with the delicate origami bird in flight:

    And this print by Swallowfield shows what it must be like to live in a forest made of flowers:

    I also love this sweet collage by Danita:

  65. tze says:

    I LOVE these jelly buttons by Magic Jelly!


  66. oh my! i can’t choose a favourite…there are a TON of talented artists here!

    well maybe this one by cabin+cub…i love ephemera and this collage is such a whimsical treat!

  67. heather says:

    I love the Sarah Blank prints! They are so winsome and beautiful~

  68. Nan says:

    It is so hard to choose since all of them are really nice. But if I have to narrow it down, following are my choices:
    1. Magic Jelly
    2. Vinyl Wall arts
    3. Round Robin Press

  69. Sarah Blank is incredible! I especially love this one, it reminds me of the Decemberists:

    Jeniffer from Swallowfield is my favourite artist on Etsy and from seeds to blooms is one of my favourite works of hers. It has a richness and warmth to it and the linework and boldness of colour reminds me of printmaking which I love.

  71. Alicia says:

    Oh, so many beautiful things! I can’t pick my favourite out of Gracia + Louise’s Small Collection zine ( or the Determination print from Four Crows (

  72. beth says:

    i love these: so cool!!!
    but all the products in this pikapackage are amazing. such a wonderful group of artists!
    hugs beth

  73. mj says:

    The 20th is my birthday so maybe I’ll get lucky! This is really cute:

  74. yifot says:

    I find everything at Magic Jelly Emporium, the chandelier etching at vinyl Wall art, what katie does is hot! hot! hot!! Julie Pott is doing things that make me smile and giggle. Whatever Garcia Louis is doing, it is fantastic!

    Good luck!

  75. nina seven says:

    i absolutely adore Matte Stephens work, the cat bird print is super cute! pure genius!

  76. I don’t really have a favorite I think they are all great.

  77. Lien says:

    Ok. I’ve looked through all the shops, and I would have to say that my favorite item is the set of 3 mini notebooks by Wonting (
    These will be the perfect accessory for going back to school!

  78. Lyn says:

    I love all the stores listed in the post. A couple of my favourites include “Metallic Locket With Metal, Stone, Glass And Plastic Beads by Danita” – this is absolutely gorgeous!!; and “The very reluctant farewell locket” by Sarah Blank. I simply love their work!
    And oh my, Amy, you are from KL! Boy, do I miss shopping during the day and mamak-ing at night in KL! Hehe.

  79. Sara Burgess says:

    I recently discovered the work of tsktsk, I too am from Brisbane and was excited to discover a local artist.
    And I have long admired the work of Matte Stephens.

  80. Debra says:

    I think I chose somthing from nearly every page @_@…
    Sup Cupcake! Notecards-from Mau Studio
    Fluttery Friends 02- from DiDiGalDecor
    I love. . . Blank Note Card- from fantasmagoric
    the distance from earth- from swallowfield
    Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat – Open Edition Print- from numbereight
    Spirograph Notebook No. 2- from roska
    Little Robbers- from hoorah
    three pots of tea, warm (original giclee art print)- from mizudesigns
    posey knob- from miladyproductions
    big owl and little owl.- from gypsyandtwink
    Five Basic Rules- from shelbyhealey
    The Magic Act Pugs Matte Archival Art Print- from wellerwishes
    lost at sea print- from sarahblank
    Rabbits Dream- from flummeries
    Swimming- from dollygagging
    Greeting cards – Four pack (foxes, owls & more)- from Gracia/Louise
    the giant suburban bear monster small print- from matteart
    Yours-by you n_n
    all-occasion gift tags- from thimblewinder
    Pods- from fragments
    a delicate read, an archival print- from corid
    Abstract Rabbit Illustration Fabric ACEO Art Card- from Danitashop
    Dancing Horses cards- from tsk tsk
    Handful of Quaggles- from junkyardsam
    foxberries ver. 2- from wonting
    Single Postcard, string theory- from flossyparticles
    Unicorn Tattoo- from juliapott
    dogs biking illustration- from Felicitate88
    Alphabet Letter C Illustration Collage Print- from whatkatiedoes
    Climbing Vine Decal- from vinyl wall art
    smurf color remix GREY-from brianpatenaude
    ACEO – The Bleeding Heart in Blue- from annarubyking
    Cute Original Collage – squirrel and birds- from cabin
    Bunnies are Boss Gocco print- from arglewhale
    1.25 inch Button Badge – ‘Jelly the Cat’-from magic jelly
    Lost in the Wood – print- from marykilvert
    Wow I think my eyes are going to fall out from browseing too much!

  81. valerie says:

    love the camera print (what katy does)

    So excited!!

  82. Moonfairy says:

    My favourite item comes from Sarah Blanks shop:

    It has been on my wishing list for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had to check out all the other artists as well, and between all the amazing art I fell in love with this cutie from wellerwishes:

  83. mervetoprak says:

    all of them are great! but my favourites are;
    Hand Printed Recycled Map Paper Envelopes

    Magic Jelly’s
    Magnet 4 Pack – ‘Magic Jellies’

    mini notebooks

    such an encouraging,inspiring site by the way! THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. agnes says:

    omg the magic jellies are the most amazing thing I have ever seen in button history !!!
    I most certainly need them or I will eventually keel over ๐Ÿ˜€
    looove this idea you are doing an amazing thing !!!

  85. Niky says:

    Mary Kilvert- ‘Lost in the Wood’ print

    Round Robin Press- ‘Hello’ plantable card

    Sarah Blank- ‘Ships in Bluebird Cages’ print


    Sarah Blank- ‘Heart Strings and Woodsy Things’ print

  86. judith says:

    i especially love the work of Karena of Magic Jelly pikaland is such a good idea thank you

  87. Clee says:

    Oooh the cukoo clock decal! So precious.

  88. Beatrice says:

    Great artists, as always!

    My favourite artworks are those by Anna Ruby King, especially “Beeeater”, “Crushed Cotton” and the ‘series’ of “Nesting Materials” – fabulous!

    Good luck to everyone!


  89. Tara says:

    My ultimate dream is to own a piece of Matte Stephen’s work. I cross my fingers that dreams can indeed come true… i love this Pikaland idea

  90. Amy says:

    What beautiful work. I particularly love Matte Stephens cat and bird print and also Julia Pott’s work.

  91. Patti says:


  92. Patti says:


  93. Steph says:

    I really like Flossy P’s “Smitten” watercolour. What a great contest…thanks!

  94. Krista says:

    I have had my eye on Magic Jelly for quite some time now. She does beautiful work that I admire. My favorite pieces are the small prints and the buttons.

    Fingers Crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Angie Maurer says:

    This is the coolest contest I’ve ever stumbled upon! I love the work of all the artists, but I really love this necklace (which is sold out!):

  96. Camilla 8 says:

    Aah, im crazy about everyone’s work! I think Julia Pott is my favourite favourite! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love her print “I’m not a real unicorn” – magical.

  97. babelfish says:

    I love the cards and stationery sets from Flummeries. Thanks for hosting such a group of talented artists.

  98. Katie G says:

    I love all of Manyi’s stuff here: So fun!

  99. jenny says:

    well, that is hard, there are so many great products. i’ll share the 2 i liked th most:

    gypsy and twink: 3 turquoise ladies (amazing!)

    wonting nyc: owling moon framed print (love owls)

  100. nyx says:

    I love the pieces from Danitashop, super cute.

  101. shellbells says:

    how could one possibly choose from all these lovely things??? Here’s hoping I win


  102. kaz says:

    I love matteart’s stuff, especially cat bird print – reminds me of my own cat gomez who loves chasing birds, though thankfully is a bit too slow to catch them!

  103. jessicajane says:

    ooooh, I love all of Corid’s work, Danita, Sarah Blank, FourCrowsart….all of it! I would be ecstatic to win and cover my boring white walls with beutiful artwork!!

  104. alison says:

    There’s so much to love! My favorite this time, though, is shelbyhealey’s “right before my eyes”

  105. jenzee says:

    Love the PikaPackage artists (esp. everything Gocco), LOVE your site! Hope I’m the lucky one this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Sam says:

    I love these magnets . I am sick of the boring magnets on my fridge.

    I also love

  107. whistlepunch says:

    First time here and loving all of the submissions. I can’t possibly name a favourite – such talented and creative folk!

  108. renee says:

    Regards! from Mexico, I love what you do, I hope I’d be so lucky to have this package.

    I choose this lovely print from Swallowfield

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed

  109. myra says:

    Ack! So hard to choose but I love Matte Stephen’s Cat Bird Print

  110. Helen says:

    Wow wow wow – it’s all so gorgeous!

    I have to say I’ve always loved Sarah Blank’s artwork – One Misty Morning is beautiful

  111. Patrรญcia Cruz says:

    This looks so nice! The winners will be very happy people for sure!

  112. Greer says:

    Love Matte Stephens’ art – it always makes me smile, this is my current favourite:

    I also really like Jennifer of Swallowfield’s illustraions – most especially the botanical inspired ones and the inspired colourway in this print:

  113. sarah says:

    wow. what a fabulous giveaway. yes please!

  114. Katie Lavelli says:

    Anything Sarah Blank makes me go wild, I just adore her prints. But i also love the magic jelly buttons, they are too beautiful to be true ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  115. Jen says:

    I like Kathy Weller’s Knitting dog. If the librarian was a dog instead of a cat, I would be all over that one!

  116. Amber says:

    So many lovely things – but my favorite is this by Sarah Blank:

  117. Erin says:

    When I saw Anna Ruby King on the list I flipped out! She’s one of my favorite Etsy shops and I have some items from it already. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fabric Squares gift card:

    I would frame it though, instead of giving it away, for my new house.

  118. Adriane says:

    I am really liking Shelby Healey’s work and this print in particular I LOVE:
    I am also enjoying Fantasmagoric’s shop. This one is my favorite:

  119. mirjam says:

    So much great stuff!
    Swallowfield’s prints are always beautiful, a treat to look at. And I’m really taken by the plantable cards from Round Robin Press, what a fun idea! As for preferences: red always makes me happy!

  120. Rachel says:

    What a great idea for a giveaway! Here are my favorites:

    Verdant-Print, by goodbloom

    Artists’ proof – I still don’t trust them, by Gracia and Louise

    To Cloud City, by Junkyard Sam

    ACEO Original Artwork Welch Corgi Cardigan OOAK, by Kathy Weller

    There are many more I could list- but I’m afraid to take up too much space!

  121. Nicole (ikkinlala) says:

    I love this giraffe print at Felicitate88:

  122. Malinda says:

    I love the prints here:

    the Japanese girls with horns – soooo cute

    and just about anything by Mau studio is awesome.

  123. did I make it in time!!! I hope so I would love to win the package.

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