The PikaPackage #2 GIVEAWAY!

It’s been a good two months since our first PikaPackage Giveaway, and I’m so happy to announce our SECOND one! And instead of ONE big winner, I’m dividing it into TWO again for this round (the pictures here don’t show you the full extent of the package!) Below are the participants who so graciously took up the PikaPackage Project:

  1. Brian Patenaude sent in his quirky creatures prints;
  2. Sandra Krumins of Lino Creative sent in her beautiful lino prints;
  3. Suzanne of Phatsheep sent in her stickers and button badges with her patterns;
  4. Emma of Benconservato sent in vibrant prints;
  5. Nina of Kindling sent in adorable eco-cards;
  6. Andrea Kobayashi sent in her various artworks and cards;
  7. Annette of Nut and Bee sent in stationery sets + prints featuring her popular characters;
  8. Denise Ann Simon sent in Little Red Riding Hood Reading Sets that specially designed for the project;
  9. Raphaella of Heartful Art who sent in inspiring postcards;
  10. Melanie Wickham sent in her whimsical lino prints;
  11. Iris Schwarz sent in her prints + cards;
  12. Kate of I Like Pens sent in lovely cards, sketchbooks, bookmarks and buttons;
  13. Stephanie of Milady Productions sent in cards, a posey packet, knobs, and a print;
  14. Stephanie of Stockton & Co. sent in her Gocco prints, cards and postcards;
  15. Nancy of Pretty Little Thieves sent in Gocco print sets, ACEOs, specially prepared buttons, and ACEOs;
  16. Sofia Barao sent in her postcard packs;
  17. Amy of Aqua-Velvet sent in her Retro series of prints; and
  18. Anke of Linotte sent in buttons and postcards!
  19. Lauren Minco sent in delightful stickers;
  20. Erin Zamrzla of Erinzam sent in her prints and ingenious mini tag notebooks;
  21. Valentina Ramos sent in vibrant prints + cards;
  22. Kayanna Nelson of Junecraft sent in her Gocco-ed kitchen inspired prints, notebooks and limited edition archival prints;
  23. Denise Scicluna sent in stickers, original drawings, buttons and notebook;
  24. Rachael Amen of Number Eight sent in her larger-than-life prints;
  25. Abigail Halpin of Miss Avocado sent in her sunshine-y archival bookmarks;
  26. Cori Dantini sent in beautiful new prints of her work; and
  27. Jinnie of Lilacmoon Studio sent in her Poladoodle prints + postcards, and hand printed stationery using hand-carved rubber stamps!
  28. Susan Schwake sent in beautiful hand-painted originals of her artwork;
  29. Rima Staines of The Hermitage sent in her marvellous prints;
  30. Madelaine sent in hauntingly beautiful photo prints;
  31. Hilary Wagstaff sent in many prints of her mixed media artworks;
  32. Paula Gibbs of Paulabirdy sent in her Gocco + bird prints; and
  33. Shawna Carpenter sent in magnets and buttons!
  34. Rebecca Hahn sent in a beautiful print called “Hey!”, and fabulous letterpress & satin-finish postcards;
  35. Kate Phillips of Charmfoundry sent in beautiful prints (including limited edition mini-prints);
  36. Ana of Fric De Mentol sent in a bevy of stuff! We have her lovely Gocco-printed prints and cards, notebooks and even a posey packet!
  37. Natasha Mileshina of Bubbo Tubbo sent in specially put together Travel Edition sets of her handmade originals, along with cheery cards + sticker sets; and
  38. Rosie Miles sent in pissy little Fishwives, an exclusive hand-painted toy just for the PikaPackage Project!

So here’s what you need to do have a chance to win each one of these packages:

  1. Visit the shops of our participants, and write down here in the comments which product you like from their shop (include the links if you’d like); and/or
  2. Sign up for our mailing list.
    (Those who have already signed up for our mailing list will already be in the running, no worries!)

You can do both — you’ll have more chances of getting one of the packages! The closing date for this is on Wednesday 9 July, 8 p.m. PST/PDT. I’ll pick one random winner from each (comments + mailing list) then!

You can see more about the participants here, and remember to read up on our participants in our PikaPackage zine too — you can download one here.

And if you want to purchase a PikaPackage for yourself (and to support Pikaland!), hop on to our SHOP!

P/S — Commenting has closed, thank you!

52 Replies to “The PikaPackage #2 GIVEAWAY!”

  1. l. says:

    I have been completely obsessed with this print since I saw it:

    also, I need to buy 400 of these pads:

  2. jess gonacha says:

    So exciting!!! I can’t wait to browse the participants! PS— I sent you a package of goods last week— hopefully they’ll arrive soon!

  3. OK, hands down? The adorable pissy fishwives from Rosie:

    Could she be ANY cuter?


    Moreover, congrats on yet another successful run! I want them ALL!

  4. stephanie shieh says:

    so much visual goodness! please count me in on the giveaway!

  5. Veronica says:

    I love Denise A. Simon’s bookplates and this awesome lantern from Miss Avocado:

  6. Megan Macijauskas says:

    Wow, I just found this site a few weeks ago and I’m stunned by the beautiful work I see.

    I’m new here, but would be overcome with joy to win one of these giveaways!

  7. Emily says:

    I just love this sewn seaside collage from littlemoshi: I am trying to plan a seaside birthday trip for my gff, and this collage helps to urge me on my quest!

  8. Mary Jenkins says:

    B. patenaude polly’s picnic
    s.krumins afternoon teaprint
    phat sheep cafe apron
    b.conservato frogs card
    kindling wheat tee
    a. kobayashi branchmap
    nut and bee where rainbows come from
    d.a. simon feather scarf
    heartful art healing print
    m.wickham bristol bag
    i. schwarz winter
    i like pens ships ahoy
    milady sheep lady
    stckton pinwheel
    prety lil thieves 4 friends
    s.baroa print of birds
    aquavelvet the sky
    linotte wild green girl
    l.minco duet girl
    erinzan redsquirrel
    v. ramos little owl
    junecraft persimmon fabric
    d.scicluna flowers in december
    r.amen enda
    miss avacado inthegarden
    c.dantini leafing out
    lilacmoon butterflies
    s.schwake elly
    hermitage button house
    h.wahstaff cactus
    paulabirdy quail card
    s.carpenter cherry fudge cake
    r. han crazy nights
    charmfoundry 3 little magnets
    fric dementol endedora
    bubbo tubbo balloons
    rosie miles nellie

  9. Vee says:

    i’ve adored nut and bee’s buttons since i first checked out the shop via pikaland.

    i couldn’t believe how many of the little characters correspond to my boyfriend and i’s (possibly rather lovey-dovey and sickening) private jokes and pet names. i am absolutely planning a birthday gift. 😀

  10. Heidi says:

    ohh i just love pikapackage… wonderful what you are doing, keep up the good work 🙂
    these items are sooo very special <3

  11. E to the M says:

    Well I just spent the last hour at work looking at artist sites and i love everything! I especially liked the rainbow puking unicorn notecards at nNut & Bee, the bicycles print at Lino Creative, the Fair Isle prints at Phatsheep and the acorn postacrds at Stockton & Co.

  12. Sandra says:

    I’m all about damask patterns lately, I love this pattern photo by bubbo-
    but my favourite is Shadows by bubbo-
    count me in! Thanks

  13. seven says:

    I love love love this idea…. here are a few products I adore:

    poppies print from linocreative
    woman in a boat from benconservato
    escapee tee from KINDLING
    everything at nut and bee
    thought from irisschwarz
    i like you cards from i like pens
    the woot notes from stockton are AWESOME
    lost my head from pretty little thieves
    the dutch study series from aquavelvet
    four landscapes from erin zam
    everything from valentina design
    a delicate read from corid
    lily pads from lilacmoonstudio
    orchid by little moshi
    everything at charmfoundry
    wall street beauty from bubbo-tubbo

  14. Patti Gunning says:

    I love the Hermitage’s Concertina Eggcup Song!!

  15. Hi! I hope to be the winner! :q
    I love the idea of this project. Let´s see…

    1.Rebecca Hahn work is so pretty, i like the “Ballerina” postcard.
    2.This gocco cards by Lilacmoonstudio:
    3.All of Kate Seaward work, specially her “Envelopes made from envelopes!”, and her “Ships Ahoy Gift tags”, and her notebooks!
    4.A lot of things from June Craft, like the “Sailing the Seven Seas” Gocco print.
    5.And work by Linotte, Sofia Barao, Nut and Bee… and everyone´s!
    Such a yummy treasure all together!

  16. Olivia Coote says:

    Oh! I’m so happy to see so many Nut and Bee fans here (they are a local and very talented etsy seller to me). I’ve really fallen in love with Kate Phillips work thanks to you. I have a particular fondness for this piece

    Thank you always Pikaland!

  17. Katie says:

    I love charmingrosie’s Pissy Fishwives so much! If only she made some for her shop, they would all be coming home with me!
    I do love her Victorian bathing dolls. Very expressive faces!

  18. amanda says:

    Junecraft’s retro prints are absolutley adroable!

  19. carolyne says:

    Everything is amazing (such a talented bunch!), but Madelaine’s Tragic print just does something to me…

  20. carolyne says:

    Oh, and I find Lilacmoon’s Poladoodle postcards very sweet (love instant photos).

  21. mish says:

    [i have a lot to say by prettylittlethieves]
    a cutie print that portrays how i feel sometimes.

  22. flossy-p says:

    MAN, I’m going to curb all my desires for almost everything in everyone’s shops, and try to narrow it down to one…

    Um, anything from Anke Wenkman’s shop!

    But I think I might die for one of Rosie’s Pissy Fishwives (I know they are an “exclusive item” for pika, and aren’t in her shop).

  23. Julie says:

    I’d love the little red reading hood set from Denise Ann Simon! Such a sweet item! Or bubbo tubbo’s Fake NYC print. It’s spectacular!

    Keeping my fingers crossed, Amy 🙂

  24. kelidevi says:

    I love lilacmoonstudio’s poladoodles! So cute…

  25. manu says:

    I LOVE all items of Erinzam

    the little chicken of valentinadesign:

    Junecrafts’s prints:

    but I like almost everything!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Greer says:

    How does anyone choose?! I love:

    Benconservato’s speeding train photographs

    ALL of Aqua Velvet’s signage illustrations and fine art notecards (beautiful!)

    and Nut & Bee’s buttons – the new “warm cat scarf” illustration is gorgeous – all the characters make me smile!

  27. Beatrice says:

    Everything so different – and everything so beautiful! It is very difficul to make a choice, but I will try. 🙂

    1. Phat Sheep’s Seagull Coin Purse
    2. Everything by Nut and Bee, especially the mini-sets of rubber stamps
    3. Just love and admire Iris Schwarz’s art. I chose this:
    4. I Like Pens’ badges
    5. Pretty Little Thieves’ Where To Go
    6. Erinzam’s The Beginning + mini notebooks
    7. June Craft’s Recipe Cards
    9. Denise Scicluna’ s Pretty Print
    10. Madelaine’s Picture at
    11. Rottobee’s Monkey Hug
    12. Fric De Mentol: everything, but I choose the bag

    Good luck to all of us! 😉


  28. Christine says:

    Hard to choose!! But:
    i always loved MissAvocado´s illustrations, but this one is my favorite!

    Thanks again!

    And someday i will get a pair of these adorable pin badges from Phatsheep!

  29. Kym says:

    So much loveliness, but my favourites are:

    erinzam’s red squirrel print –

    kindling’s wheat tee –

  30. Lhia says:

    Erin Zamrzla of Erinzam sent in her prints and ingenious mini tag notebooks;

    I LOVE the mini tag notebooks!!!

  31. DJ says:

    I love Annette’s work. All Nut & Bee’s items are so adorable. My favorite character is one of her recent creation, Squirt! (an elephant squirting water).

  32. Jackie says:

    I’m pretending I’ve oodles of money and a big shopping cart:
    linocreative – peak hour and kites
    phatsheep – house pins
    kindling – chook chook card
    nut & bee – gift wrapping
    melanie wickham – everything she has
    iris schwartz – week 26 and week 27
    milday – sheep lady
    stockton & co – elephant print and woot! cards
    pretty little thieves – all of it
    aqua velvet – word salad
    linotte – in the tree
    erinzam – idea index
    junecraft – persimmon custom fabric
    madelains – two stories of two chairs
    little moshi – landscape
    paula birdy – block printed chicken
    rebecca hahn – a little bit of everything

  33. ( this took awhile – – and i think i may have gotten out of order and maybe missed a few… ??)

    Brian Patenaude- GREAT characters & colors

    Sandra Krumins – i love this.

    Suzanne of Phatsheep – i love her buttons and stickers!

    i love this print – Emma of Benconservato

    Nina of Kindling – great tshirts in her shop!

    Andrea Kobayashi -love this one -

    Annette of Nut and Bee- those rubber stamps are to die for!

    Denise Ann Simon love the feather and leaf scarves!

    Raphaella of Heartful Art- i couldnt get in her website??

    Melanie Wickham- super cute characters! love the teatowels -

    Stephanie of Milady Productions – lovely warm colors.

    Stephanie of Stockton & Co- the acorns are TOO cute

    Nancy of Pretty Little Thieves – i can identify. i am a talker. great –

    very pretty prints - Sofia Barao

    Amy of Aqua-Velvet – LOVE

    i got to favorite someone new. yea! Anke of Linotte

    i love ALL of her stuff! this has been a favorite for awhile.

    this is too cute – Erin Zamrzla of Erinzam

    love these – Valentina Ramos

    great handmade doll! Kayanna Nelson of Junecraft

    cute -

    Jinnie of Lilacmoon Studio love everything in her store!

    cute – cori dantini -

    this one is addorable – miss avacado

    my kids walked in = and i got out of order.

    this one is fun – Denise Scicluna

    pretty – Susan Schwake

    the hermitage –

    love it – Hilary Wagstaff

    i love everything rebecca does – but im lusting over the necklaces!

    love so many things –
    ill choose this one for a fav. – Kate Phillips of Charmfoundry

    cute cards! Ana of Fric De Mentol

    Natasha Mileshina of Bubbo Tubbo-

    really cute dolls! Rosie Miles

  34. Debbie D says:

    I love Melanie Wickham. Very cool items, found here

  35. Laura says:

    I think Lilacmoonstudio’s simple correspondence cards are the prettiest things:

  36. kelly says:

    I love these: -you had me at the owl necklace!!!

  37. kathryn says:

    I love the “owly” necklace. What a great personal reminder that with age and experience, comes wisdom. Rebecca is very talented.

  38. Nicole (ikkinlala) says:

    I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to list one favourite from each shop or just a few favourites in general, or even whether Canadians are eligible, but here are my favourites from each shop:

    12) The “A little bird told me” notebook on this page:

  39. i’ve been admiring madelaine’s photos from afar for a long, long time. i especially like this one:
    so whimsical and surreal, and the title is captivating!

  40. Because this is July (month number 7) so I’ll define my favourite 7even :

    1. Little Red Reading Hood Bookmark Set from Denise an simon

    2. Cupcakes Print, Poppies Print from Sandra Krumins

    3.‘Go Green’ tote bag from Kate I Like Pens

    4. craft your love from nancy of pretty little thieves

    5.Beep Beep MATTED 5×7 print from Lauren Minco

    6.The Source – Open Edition Print from Rachel Amen

    7.Le Solitaire journal – – gocco screen printed – – serigraph – PLAIN journal from Ana of Fric De Mentol

  41. Renee says:

    Love anything from etsy site but love the Little Red Riding Hood Reading sets and eco cards. Everything including prints would be great to win!

  42. mattbot says:

    SEA TURTLE by brianpatenaude is banging – it makes me feel like im there with the turtle floating throught he water

    Poppies – lino creative – this reminds me of a gigposter for death cab great color combo! especially love it in the frame

    the 5am series – pretty little thieves – great idea, grat drawings turned into great prints, i want to see the whole series of this

    Retro cups print – june craft this is awesome see if you can find the day of the dead/sugar skull cup haha(hint its in the middle of the first pic)

    Herbert- rosie miles this is crazy sweet stache i love the freckles on his nose too

  43. Bridgett says:

    i LOVE nut and bee! my friend actually bought me a set of magnets from them for christmas last year. my favorites from nut and bee: (honey bear notepad) (octopus stickers… and all the stickers really!)

    i also really like the work of ilikepens. cute!

    And, Denise Sciuna’s blue octopus card.

  44. Lesley says:

    I really adore Paulabirdy’s alphabirdies! In particular the E ( which would be smashing for my wee neice Erin’s wall!

  45. Nicole says:

    I LOVE “we are all in this together” by Pretty Little Thieves 🙂

  46. Naomi Shiek says:

    This project is amazing. It looks like a huge undertaking and so popular for obvious reasons. Looking at the 38 (38!) participants it’s so hard to decide which ones I like best.

    A few pieces who caught my eye were
    The felt magnets by Natasha (bubbo):
    The Tragic print by Madelaine:
    Denise Simon’s Little Red Reading Hood set:

    So beautiful! Definitely now on my wish list.

  47. Emily says:

    There were many great items to look at- here are some of my favorites.

    From Linocreative-
    The Rollerskating Friends Print

    From Kindling-
    The Catapilla Eco-Card

    From Nut and Bee-
    Crazy for Croissants Sketchbook Sweetie

    From IrisSchwarz-
    Small Collection Flowers and Thoughts Prints

    From I Like Pens-
    Stripey Tea for Two Greeting Card

    From Linotte-
    Flamboyant Cards of Serendipity

    From LaurenMinco-
    Heartbreak Print

    From AndThenThePattern-
    Series of Notebooks

    From TheHermitage-
    Penny Farthing Tea Print

    From Bubbo-
    Lingonberry Jam Collage Print

    Everything is so wonderful-
    Thank you for the great opportunity!

  48. Nathalie says:

    oh dear… I think I may have missed this 😮

    everything is so lovely though… everything.
    I am a real fan of this:

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