PikaPackage #2 : July Edition

Now there’s an option to purchase a bigger package — filled with either FOUR items or EIGHT — take your pick (packages may differ from the ones shown, but each one is put together with absolute care!)

4 items

USD30.00 (shipping included)

8 items

USD48.00 (shipping included)

Take home a limited edition PikaPackage filled with selected pieces of great art + illustrations from our participants on the list to the right of this blog! You’ll get:

  1. FOUR or EIGHT different products (full-sized prints/notebooks/comics/etc) from artists and illustrators;
  2. A Pikaland zine specially produced in conjunction with this issue; and
  3. A gocco thank you card + a listing of contributors for your package!

Thank you for supporting Pikaland & the PikaPackage Project! 🙂

{After clicking the “BUY NOW” button, you’ll be automatically redirected to a Paypal site to pay for your purchase, thank you!}

{And you’ll receive a confirmation email from me after I receive your order — if you didn’t please check back! Orders are shipped via normal airmail, safely shipped with a cardboard insert + nestled in a plastic bag. It normally arrives 10 to 14 days after shipping.}

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