PikaPackage: Rima Staines

Telling Stories to the Trees print

Rima Staines is a conjurer of one of the most fascinating illustration works I’ve ever seen. She weaves stories into her illustrations, and features beautiful lands of fancy and fantasy. Rima paints and draws on wood and paper; and enjoys entwining script and image closely and loves to write rhyming stories to tell her characters’ tales using forgotten words and other languages.

Rima Staines' prints

For the July PikaPackage, she sent in her beautifully illustrated creatures and fairytales, which you can see more of in her shop called The Hermitage.

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  1. Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing this… this is so much different than your other picks lately and it oozes with emotion, color and depth. Have you noticed that you have a trend going with the artists and their styles for the last few posts? 🙂

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