PikaPackage: Jinnie of Lilacmoon Studio

Set of 4 Gocco Folded Note Cards (Heart Flowers)— a new collection

When I first saw a Poladoodle print on Etsy, I remember smiling because it was such a simple and lovely idea. Lilacmoon Studio is Jinnie’s playground, where it is filled with prints of her Poladoodles (little artwork using Polaroid photographs as a canvas), along with her stationery line of block printed cards, using rubber stamps that she hand-carved herself.

Jinnie of Lilacmoon's loot

She sent in her various prints of Poladoodles, along with her beautiful hand-printed cards. See more of her contributions over here.

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2 Replies to “PikaPackage: Jinnie of Lilacmoon Studio”

  1. Jackie says:

    Such pika package loveliness. You have been highlighting the most awesome artwork. Are you open to bribes for the next pika package?? I’m just saying……

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks, Jackie!
    You could bribe me with a cupcake from the beautiful bakeries I’ve seen all over US (I’ve had enough of just looking at them – I WANT THEM!), but sending it all the way here is problematic, to say the least, haha!

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