Brian Patenaude

Portrait of Whazlowe (I love their names!)

Something strikes me about Brian Patenaude’s work — his bright use of colors, his unique subject matters, and above all, his amazing linework. I’ve wanted to write about Brian for the longest time, but had wanted to add in his contributions for the PikaPackage Project into the post, and now I can — because I finally got some sun through today for the photography session. (I’m gathering some stuff to make myself a lightbox, one of which is the most important component — a big box!)

The Smurf Color Remix in Grey

Brian Patenaude's prints!

His contributions to the PikaPackage bunch — full sized prints of his paintings which are mostly limited editions of 250.

He is now working on his Smurf series of prints, which you can see if you hop over to his shop. The Texas-born artist is now residing in Kirkland, Washington and blogs often too. Check out the rest of his contributions on our Flickr stream!


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