….. lights please.


I am back on home soil, and I’m glad to report that everything is now on schedule after recovering from a bout of fatigue and lethargy after my hectic last week in Kyoto (pictures to be up soon too!) One big problem, however, is that the weather has been a little erratic and I can’t seem to get good, consistent light to take pictures for the contributions I’ve received for the PikaPackage Project. I’m seriously thinking of building myself a makeshift lightbox to take pictures in.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to build a simple one, perchance?


4 thoughts on “….. lights please.

  1. I made a lightbox from that tutorial. It works OK, but you ought to invest in a really bright light or two. I only have a couple table lamps and it doesn’t get enough light in there. Also, size is a big factor – it’s only good for small stuff because I think the bigger your box, the harder it is to get good light. Still, it’s really easy and very handy. I recommend it.

  2. Light boxes are DEFINITELY a good idea 🙂 I bought one of the pop-up-tent ones, about 75cm (30”) square, and it’s improved my photos immeasurably. (I did consider making my own, but the tent packs down very small, which is important in my workspace, and I found it second hand.) You will need some strong lights – I bought two halogen builders’ lights from the hardware store which work wonderfully.

  3. Wow, thank you so much Anika, Arielle and Annette for the suggestions!

    Now I’ll need to search for a big box, or find out if I can buy a makeshift one (I’m heading to a photographer pal for more details.)

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