Max Estes

Nervous Larry, painted on 1/2” inch plywood

I recently discovered the work of Max Estes, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and author who also the creator of the daily comic strip, My Life as a Bunny.

Billy Sasquatch, the posable puppet

He maintains an Etsy shop where he sells his prints and plywood creations, one of which is his Billy Sasquatch puppet which I thought was really fresh. They’re all handmade to order from 1/2” painted plywood and his arms, head and legs can be manipulated for your posing pleasure.

Hello, Again Max’s debut graphic novel

Visit his Etsy shop, and see his colorful portfolio here.


The husband and wife team behind APAK, Aaron and Ayumi is now showing at GRNY from 17th May to 18th June, where they will be exhibiting 35 medium and small gouache paintings on wood and 6 mixed-media sculptures, as well as a special window installation entitled “Worlds of Wonder”. The show will depict tiny races of creatures living harmoniously with magical plants and friendly animals in rich, colorful lands.

See more of their art at their flickr page!

{Sorry Ayumi+Aaron for the late posting!}

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