Pikaland Presents: Inspiring Creativity!

I’m a little nervous all week because I’ve been invited to talk at Etsy’s Virtual Labs on Tuesday, 14th April 8pm (New York time) about the topic I feel very strongly about — creativity. When I’m talking to friends about it, I have lots and lots to say, but I’m not so sure if I’ll be eloquent enough tomorrow!

I’ll share my opinions on what fuels creativity, what I think of competition, trend spotting and what an artist can and offer to the marketplace. If this is something you’d be interested in, feel free to pull up a seat!

There will be a videocam, and you’ll be able to hear me talk, and underneath it all I’ll probably be sweating bucketloads (but thank goodness you won’t be able to see THAT.)

So mark your calendars my friends, and see me in person then! Oh and if you’d like it to be on your Facebook calendar, then this is the event page. See you all there!

20 Replies to “Pikaland Presents: Inspiring Creativity!”

  1. rachel says:

    AWESOME. This sounds like a great chat. I will be there in Florida time. ♥

  2. That looks great, thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. Pam says:

    You’ll do great Amy! I’ve never been to a virtual lab before, I’ll try to stop by for this one.

  4. charlotte says:

    Ooohhh, how exciting, I will try and get on…I be rushing to put the girls to bed, but will try!
    Good Luck…and have fun.

  5. That sounds awesome!!

  6. This is going to be fun to watch. Good luck Amy!

  7. Dee Wilcox says:

    Can’t wait! This will be my first Etsy Virtual Labs experience. Sounds fun!

  8. Afi says:

    I wish you luck! It’s gonna be great 🙂

  9. jen downey says:

    have fun, you’ll do great!!

  10. Lynn says:

    CONGRATS Amy!! You’ll do just fine!! Just get some extra buckets! 😛 hugs!

  11. Amy says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to check it out!

  12. That’s awesome! I definitely will try to pull up a seat!

  13. ChocoKit says:

    You’ll do fine! =) Just remember to have some fun along the way (and breathe! haha)

  14. Emma Kidd says:

    oh I hope to be able to be there, but probably not, middle of my working day… good luck!

  15. shermeen says:

    I’m sure when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what to say! Way to go, Amy!

  16. yay—- good luck my dear!!!

  17. julz nally says:

    i’m looking forward to it amy!

  18. coradesigns says:

    HI…I’m looking forward to some inspiration…

  19. darn! i missed it – i would’ve loved to see sweet Amy in “person”! im sure you were awesome.

  20. bibi says:

    oh man, i’ve been sick and missed out so many of your posts.

    good luck with this!!! sounds really inspiring =D

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