Advertising on Pikaland!

I’m happy to announce that Pikaland is now offering advertising opportunities for those who would like more exposure for their business/shops! Due to the high number of requests for advertising space I’ve decided to open the space to the right of the blog for those who are interested. Rates start at an affordable rate of USD$35 per month with limited spaces only available!

You can request for more information about Pikaland’s statistics and the kind of advertising available by emailing me!

Thank you to our first round of sponsors:
Susan Schwake, Valerie Pensworth, Benconservato, Yael Fran, Dean Dyment Studios, Jo Cheung, Unconventional Ida, KnightTime Design, Cloudery Mvsevm, and Victoria Usova.

Racheal Anilyse

Racheal Anilyse is an illustrator, graphic designer, and publisher from Connecticut, USA. She uses tea to drink and paint with [sometimes simultaniously but from different mugs] and she has a love for hand drawn letters. As a visual communicator, she likes to have fun with words visually and grammatically. All of it stems from her own form of language, the only true lexicon she knows how to communicate with. Her form of communication is delivered in two forms, through a soft but layered and textured pencil work and through a form of clean linear lines. She will be posting about hand-drawn typography and art that has to do with tea and coffee stains on Pikaland!

Read all her posts here!

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