Review: Print & Pattern: Kids

One of my favorite surface pattern blogs is Print & Pattern, helmed by the inexhaustible Marie Perkins aka Bowie Style in the UK. Apart from the dizzy array of prints that she posts from designers (and the sneak snapshots whenever she heads into the stores!) she has come out with a line of books that showcase the best of prints and patterns from contemporary artists and illustrators.

I have two of her books already (book #2 is reviewed here, and book #1 featured our old Pikaland header from Gemma Correll!), and I’m thrilled to see her latest book that features surface pattern design geared towards children: Print & Pattern: Kids (Amazon link).

The book was conceived (pardon the pun) in anticipation of the birth of Kate and Will’s baby; and features about 100 international designers and companies that creates patterns that will appeal to children. Although the book features predominantly bold and simple graphics suitable for kids during their formative years, I love seeing how each designer’s style shines through in their various interpretations of animals, stories, nursery rhymes and more.

All in all, the book is a great collection of patterns that are fun, charming, colorful and happy that would make kids (and adults) go ga-ga!

The book is available to purchase through Amazon.

[Images taken from Print & Pattern blog.]


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Sponsor giveaway: Draw your own alphabets!

Draw Your Own Alphabet

Draw Your Own Alphabet

Draw Your Own Alphabet

Draw Your Own Alphabet

Draw Your Own Alphabet

I love drawing alphabets. I don’t think I’m very good at it, but I try anyway.

So when there’s a book out that tells me that there’s a way to draw different types of fonts – I’m sold. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to add the ability to draw hand-drawn fonts to my drawing repertoire? I’d be silly to toss that idea aside! While my copy is making its way to me in the mail (and I saw great previews of the book via Amazon), I just couldn’t wait to let you know that you can win a copy of this book right now!

One of my sponsors for this month, the lovely Princeton Architectural Press is giving away FIVE – I repeat – FIVE copies of Draw Your Own Alphabets: Thirty Fonts to Scribble, Sketch, and Make Your Own by Tony Seddon worth USD$19.95 each to five different readers. No matter if you’re in Kuala Lumpur (like I am), in South Africa, or in Australia, you can be in the running to win a copy!

So what you need to do is this: share with me your favorite font in the whole wide world (it can be hand-drawn, or not, it doesn’t matter!) in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the book. Deal?

Be sure to have them in by Tuesday, 30th April to be in the running! We’ll email the winners after that, so if you snooze, you lose!


Thank you all for participating! The winners, generated randomly is Elisa, Ana Pina, Julia Levis, Ellen and Terina! I’ll be sending an email out to you guys shortly, so watch out for it! In the meantime, to make sure you don’t miss out on future cool giveaways, sign up for our mailing list!

Fenómeno, from Maria Herreros

The first reaction I had when I started browsing “Fenómeno” in the library was: “I want to tattoo again”. I identified myself immediately when I started reading it. I saw that Maria Herreros was there. She seemed cool and happy. Behind her, some guys where mounting a small exhibition with some of the drawings from the book. I bought it and I asked at the counter “do you think she will sign the books?” and the lady said “no”. So I smoked a cigarette outside, I got my crocodile and went back home.

For Maria Herreros everyone is bizarre, some people just know how to hide better. I understand that. : )

[box icon=”heart”] ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Deborah is known in Brazil as Tartaruga Feliz (Happy Turtle). She’s a self-taught illustrator and animator who is born in Brazil. She travels the world while working, and attributes it to the best experience she has had in her life so far. You can see more of her work on her website, and she just launched a new website, Garatujas Fantásticas with 3 of her friends that has exclusive content for kids in Brazil! [/box]

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