Review: Print & Pattern 2

Print & Pattern 2

Print & Pattern is one of my favourite blogs out there and the sheer number of patterns that Marie Perkins (aka Bowie Style) unearths is just magnificent. She already has one book out – Print & Pattern, and this one that I“m reviewing is the follow up to the very successful first book.

Print & Pattern 2 by Bowie Style
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
304 pages, softcover

Just like the first book, Print & Pattern 2 has loads of eye candy from graphic designers and illustrators whose portfolio includes patterns. With a diverse range of patterns ranging from cute to retro, the selection is a carefully curated selection of fun, approachable and modern illustrations from today’s talented designers in the surface pattern field and beyond.

Print & Pattern 2

Print & Pattern 2

Print & Pattern 2

A few more images of the insides of the book are available over at my Flickr stream.

While most of the patterns featured in the book are vector-based, I did enjoy a lot of them although I find that I am drawn to those that have a touch of handmade quality to them, like the ones by Rob Ryan (p. 258), Jenny Bowers (p. 138) , Niamh Smith (p. 216), and Chamo (p. 58).

Rather than feature patterns as the main focus of the book, I liked that it resembles a bounded portfolio of illustrators and designers who are using patterns in their designs. The book is also a great reference for those who are looking for freelancers in the field, and shows more than just their capabilities in surface pattern!

You can purchase the book over at Amazon!


Have a lovely weekend folks and I’ll see you next week!

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  1. Joy Charde says:

    Definitely on my “to read” list! Thanks for sharing and I’ll check out the artists that you mentioned.

  2. pilgrim says:

    ultra fab book full of ultra fab people (and me, who is only occasionally fab!)

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